Pacific Design Co. (originally Little Pacific Design Studio) has quickly become one of Spokane’s favorite design studios, known for it’s modern yet approachable aesthetic. Designing spaces that are tailored to our clients’ needs and guiding the project through construction is our passion. We believe our physical environments have an important role in improving our well-being, but they also have a major environmental impact. From design to demolition and construction, the choices we make can either harm or help our personal health as well as the planet.

During the design process, we advocate for a holistic approach, often procuring designs with eco-friendly options while maintaining a beautiful modern style. While selecting eco-friendly finishes is not a requirement for our clients, we have found that over time, some of our favorite sources have made the switch to more environmentally conscious practices. The best part is they don’t always cost more than their non-sustainable competitors! Ranging from flooring, counters, cabinetry, paint, tile, and more, we have a diverse sample library of products from companies. During demolition, we strive to contribute to companies who promise reuse or recycling of everything ranging from fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, and more. Our goal is to limit what we take to a landfill. Our contractors conduct proper testing procedures for hazards such as lead and asbestos and follow appropriate guidelines for safe removal. We are always seeking out trades who don’t believe in taking shortcuts on our homes or our health.

Most importantly, our studio is here to improve the lives of our clients. We whole-heartedly believe in the psychological difference that a happy environment can have on us. From your home to your workplace, having a space that functions well and fits your aesthetic will most definitely improve your lifestyle and mood. We’ve seen and heard it as each client starts living in their new space and feels a complete shift in their life. When they experience it at that deeper level, time and time again, we know we are doing our job well.

shaleesa mize interior design


Shaleesa Mize is the principal interior designer and passionate mind behind Pacific Design Co. (originally Little Pacific Design Studio) and it’s sister company Shop PDCo., an online home decor shop. A young entrepreneur and design professional, Shaleesa is goal-oriented, innovative, and goes above and beyond to satisfy client expectations and dreams.

Shaleesa has immersed herself in the design industry since her childhood. In her elementary years, she would draw floor plans of her “future dream homes.” Around age 14, Shaleesa participated in her first job shadow with an interior designer at a local business. Throughout high school and college, she held several internships with architecture and design firms both big and small. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, Shaleesa went on to earn LEED certification for education about sustainable design. She then worked in Denver as an interior designer and architectural assistant completing dozens of residential projects ranging from 500 to 8,000 square feet. She gained invaluable experience working for a design-build firm, developing an understanding for the construction process, budgets, and timelines.

Shaleesa builds wonderful relationships with her clients, and you can read many of their thoughtful testimonials online. Shaleesa makes it a high priority to understand her client’s needs and is dedicated to fulfilling each one. She is caring, trustworthy and sincere in her relationships, and passionate about guiding her clients through the design and construction process from start to finish.