Post Street Residence: Final Reveal Part 1

I was anxiously awaiting the return of the photographs from what could possibly be one of my favorite projects to date! But how can you really choose when each one is so different and all of your clients are kind of the best!? So hard!). It was just such a fun project where so many of my FAVORITE elements were combined into one space! I would get butterflies every time the next piece of the puzzle was installed. So without further ado, I present to you the final reveal of the Post Street Residence!


I can’t even begin to pick a favorite space from this renovation! We’re just going to start in the kitchen, because that’s how this project started out. But guys, we just couldn’t stop there! So yes, let’s just start in the kitchen…because honestly, this reveal is going to need two parts. It’s just too good to cram into one blog post.


So basically, right here ^^^ is where the wall was. It separated the kitchen from the rest of the house, closing off opportunity to socialize, and for a young family — keep an eye on your kids in the next room. The original kitchen was actually in decent condition, “updated,” but in a very dark, traditional style. This client wanted something bright, fun, and a bit more modern while still keeping with the style and character of the home, which was built in 1936. We achieved this in a few ways. Our favorite being the inset style of cabinetry, in a muted green on-trend color, and modern brass hardware. It’s a rare (maybe even never before seen? I looked everywhere for an example!) combination to see inset cabinets with the minimal finger pull hardware, as the hardware is usually applied to the door and drawer fronts. But, I LOVED it!


We also kept the faucet and light fixtures more modern, and all in the brass finish. It added the edginess we needed for the design, but also warmth which really played off the white oak flooring. And how sleek they looked with that white stacked tile backsplash!


The backsplash was a fun element for this kitchen! With an open concept and open shelves, there was a large area that would be covered with tile. We knew white subway style was the direction we needed to keep things bright and neutral, but I’m just soooo over subway tile. This tile by Bedrosians is one I’ve been loving on for a while. When the client was describing the imperfections and even color variations they’d hope to see in their tile, I knew this would be the perfect match. This tile comes in a few different shapes, sizes, and colors, but this stacked look has to be my favorite. It brings that modern detail we needed versus a traditional offset installation. And it picked up the veining in the quartz counters beautifully! The whole finish palette for the kitchen is just a winning combination.


So, let’s talk about the green. The “trendy” green. Because this is always a discussion that we have to have with clients. And full disclosure, I’m in love with the green trend. I could tell my clients were, too. The trick was to get it to a muted enough version that it actually works as a neutral. This color is incredibly versatile and works with anything. It walks the line of working with modern or traditional styles, which was the underlying concept of this entire design.


By going with a trendy color such as green, we needed to strike a balance with some timeless pieces. When working on the design, I envisioned having wood accents play a role in more than just the floating shelves. I expanded on that by including a floating bench at the end of the cabinetry. I also designed a custom pantry built-in around the refrigerator. All of these pieces would be made in the same natural white oak as the flooring to bring in a warm, classic look. It felt like a good minimalist approach but complemented their walnut furniture pieces so well!


Last, we can’t forget to mention trying out the GE Cafe appliance line! Particularly this double oven which still fit into their 30″ space!. I was so excited when the clients told me they had been researching this line. The white/gold combo would be perfect for their kitchen! I knew we needed to create the perfect hood for them to go with the white appliances. We started out thinking we would go with a white metal hood, but after some complications, we switched gears and I suggested plaster. I had never tried a plaster hood and I’ve been falling in love with them on Pinterest for some time. The idea was quickly approved, and we got to move forward on this stunning piece.


This last view is the perfect place to transition to the other adjustment we later made: the stairs and the laundry room. Because we were painting the walls and replacing the flooring throughout the main level, the choice needed to be made if the stairs would be painted as well and the treads replaced to match the oak. The choice was yes! But then we realized, if they are going to look so beautiful, shouldn’t we open them up to the rest of the home? They currently hid behind a door, and because of the age of the home, the stairs were very steep, making you hit your head on the top of the door frame as you come down the stairs. So we decided to open it all up from the front, and again, it was a choice that enhanced the rest of the home!


Next was the laundry room, which was a small space to begin with, but got a bit smaller when we reworked the kitchen. The original kitchen left a lot of floor space unused. When we took over an extra foot of the laundry room, we reclaimed a lot of that unused space in the kitchen. We were able to move the refrigerator down by the french doors, move the range to the left wall, and leave the sink and dishwasher where they were. It was the slightest adjustment but made an incredible difference. We were a little nervous about how much it would impact the laundry room, but we decided that it was going to be worth it to have the kitchen they desperately wanted. And in the end? The laundry room was hardly impacted and it still turned out dang gorgeous!

So that wraps up part one of the Post Street Reveal! If you thought that was good, you will be stunned when you see the rest of the house! In part two, I’ll be sharing the living room and my other favorite…the entry! You can also check out the video reveal here.

Make sure to check out the before images here as well as the progress…it’s always fun to see that transformation! As always, if you like what you see and have a project of your own that you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our services and let’s chat!

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SoulBarre Studio: Project Reveal

Today I’m feeling happy to finally share more details about our first commercial project, SoulBarre Studio! You can find out more about the process of this space in the last post. For now, I’ll just say it was pretty fun collaborating with someone who already had a vision of their brand and a concept for their dream space! I loved helping to bring the owner’s overall ideas to life while watching her nail the details!


I remember first talking to Lori over a year ago! we met at a barre event she was hosting for a group of local ladies. I loved her energy and spirit and the class was powerful yet refreshing at the same time. Shortly after this event, Lori started sharing her dreams with me about her own future studio. From the beginning, she had always loved a concept of a black and white studio with geometric shapes on the walls. We wanted to honor this vision, and did minor consulting to help refine the finishes. This included picking a paint color, selecting flooring from a sea of samples, lighting design, and visualizing proportions of the geometry.


Lori’s husband is in the construction industry, so they had some great contacts for doing custom work. These ballet barres were one of the many custom pieces designed. With their modern lines and warm finishes, they worked perfectly with the rest of the design concept.

Several other areas had custom pieces as well. For example, the large variety in equipment all needed a home. The wall space we had needed to be maximized to store everything. Local craftsmen built the storage for yoga mats, hooks for the green workout mats, and the weight holders. Above all, keeping everything white or black and in the same materials provided a cohesive and organized look.


In the photo above, you can catch a glimpse of the entry area. This smaller space needed to function in A LOT of different ways! For example, standing AND sitting room, storage for belongings, signage, sign-in station, a place for brochures, and a retail area for merchandise. The area was an L shape so it helped to divide the functions in a natural way.

I just LOVE her motto. After experiencing her class firsthand, I felt it was spot on. For this reason, when designing the entry and focal space, I thought it was perfect to bring this detail of her brand’s vision right up front. This is the area people are getting prepared for their class and getting in the right state of mind. It’s so beautiful to have this as a welcome message, but also as a “see you next time.” I love that you can see this through the glass as you come up the stairwell and enter the space. It was really just a perfect opportunity for a focal point like this.


For the storage, built-in and custom pieces were considered, but cost was adding up, so instead we went for simple pieces from IKEA that work just as great! The white painted wood letters are from an online company and you can pick your font, color, and size.

Lori finished out the corner with some additional touches that were so fun: a charging station for phones, and a free library shelf. It’s thoughtful details like this that make her personality shine in how she creates a home away from home.


This project was fast moving but finished just in time for her grand opening at the beginning of March, which was a successful event with free classes, giveaways, and more! If you missed it, don’t worry, she offers a first week of classes for free to try it out! It’s a really fun experience that I would highly recommend, and wow, what a workout! You can find more information at SoulBarre Studio (Spokane, Washington).

Make sure to check out the process recap…it’s always fun to see that transformation! As always, if you like what you see and have a project of your own that you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our services and let’s chat!

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Mill Road Residence: Project Reveal

The Mill Road project is photographed and ready for it’s reveal! It’s been a while since I posted the “before” and progress photos of this project, so it’s time to brush up on those, because you’ll have a totally different perspective for this completed home! This 3,700 square foot home was ready for a top to bottom overhaul, including finishing the basement and upstairs (not photographed). Ready for a little tour of the main floor?


The entry used to be fairly enclosed, with a cased opening to the right leading to the living room, and a cased opening to the left leading to the dining room. The staircase was all a dark wood, which meant this entry was a dark tunnel of a hallway. A slight adjustment to the floor plan allowed us to completely open the dining room, making it more accessible to the kitchen. I love the hemlock post and beam which gave this space the slightest farmhouse detail…much better than plain drywall corners. We also updated the staircase with a fresh coat of white paint and squared off newel posts, white oak stair treads to match the rest of the new flooring, and metal black spindles drilled directly into the stair trends. Clean and simple.


Moving on to the kitchen! This space used to feel dark and crowded, but the overall layout was mostly functional. Once more, we made a few tweaks like moving the refrigerator the far right and removing a small wing wall. This wing wall was blocking direct access to a much-needed closet, which we widened into a pantry with custom louvered doors. We kept the finishes light and bright in here to maximize the daylight we had, but the client also wanted to bring in some color, so we achieved that with a navy blue island and a patterned cement tile backsplash.


This sink and faucet combo is one of my favorites! It’s a beautiful Kohler sink and Danze faucet. We mixed brushed brass and polished chrome metal finishes throughout the home, but we had a “rule” book to keep it feeling consistent. For all plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories (towel bars, etc.), we went with polished chrome. For lighting, cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls, we used brushed brass. This still creates some challenges as manufacturers have different variations in their brass tones. This meant patience was key when we had to reselect a few items that didn’t quite match the tones we needed! Thankfully we planned these orders ahead of schedule, so despite some returns, everything still showed up before it was needed by the contractor.


One of my favorite features of this kitchen is the custom arched louvered doors I designed for the pantry closet. I had envisioned these doors while doing the 3D model for the space, but it ended up being something we could not find ANYWHERE. We searched salvage yards and overstock door dealers for something similar, even online! The clients and myself had our hearts set on finding this piece. It ended up being a custom design and a bit of a splurge. Now, it’s everyone’s favorite feature, and I’d have to agree. This is the closet I mentioned above that was cut off from the kitchen by a wing wall. We changed it from a coat closet to gain additional kitchen storage. The hallway had no shortage of individual closets, so we reframed them to create one large pantry, one medium sized coat closet, and a small storage/linen closet.


On the opposite side of the hallway is one of my next favorite rooms…the powder room! Is anyone else loving how well-designed powder rooms are becoming? They are now a big priority for many clients! More money is getting set aside for these small spaces then ever before. I absolutely love that people are focused on the public spaces of their homes that they share with their family and friends. Little gems in each residence.

Give me alllll the details on this little space, am I right!? Alright, this is one space that we decided to break our own rule book and do only brass metal finishes. It just didn’t feel right to do a chrome faucet with the brass legs of the console sink. We added a quartz slab on to a brass console sink. It looks beautiful with it’s small grey veins that work perfectly with the black and cream tones in the wallpaper (similar one linked). I’m also fairly obsessed with the towel ring and toilet paper holder, which is a lovely collection from Anthropologie.


We’ve got a few more lovely details as we continue down the hall to the master suite! One of my favorites is this transition to thin brick pavers in the laundry room, laid in a herringbone pattern. This was another feature of the home we took some extra time to work out. This meant education for myself, the contractor, and the installers on the best way to do this. We had to keep the transition flush with the white oak flooring. We also had to research installation for lasting durability and avoiding break-down or crumbling. I respect my contractors so much when they are willing to try new things with me. It means all of us can break out of our comfort zones to create something beautiful!


The living room was a space that the client wanted to feel different from the rest of the house. Overall, we went with the concept of light and bright for the home. But the client was particularly inspired by a library-style room full of colorful bookcases and velvet curtains. A place to cozy up by the fire and read, write, and relax. I was excited to do something bold and different for her!


In this space, I designed a custom build-out for the fireplace. However, we ran into a few issues by doing so. If we did 12″ deep bookcases, they would be deeper than the fireplace. The fireplace needed an upgrade anyway, so we built it out to a full depth, flush with the new bookcases. We did a hemlock mantel for the fireplace and some more cement tile that coordinated with the kitchen backsplash. The color of the bookcases also matched the kitchen island. They offer tons of storage for the client’s collection of art books, photo albums, and decor.

That wraps up our Mill Road Residence reveal! What’s your favorite part of this unique and colorful home?

Make sure to check out the before images here as well as the progress…it’s always fun to see that transformation! As always, if you like what you see and have a project of your own that you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our services and let’s chat!

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Rockwood Blvd. Residence: Video Reveal

The video reveal for our Rockwood Boulevard Residence is here! This was our first time doing any sort of video/recording for the studio, and I’m not going to lie, it was hard! But I will forever cherish seeing our projects documented in this way. It was all worth it in the end!

We have a few other blog posts all about this project if you’d like to dive in more! Linking them up below:

Progress Update
Project Reveal


Rockwood Blvd. Residence: Project Reveal

In case you haven’t seen the “before” and progress photos of this project, you gotta stop reading and go take a peek! Like many projects, you have to see where it started to REALLY appreciate how far it’s come. On the other hand, the architecture of this home already had great bones and beautiful features (the wood ceilings were original). It just needed some finish updates, but the main focus would be a new plan for opening up the kitchen.


But, we’ll start with a view of the outside. When the client first sent me photos of the home, I was so excited! The exterior was such a contemporary look and it’s just uncommon to find that in Spokane. We didn’t make any changes to the exterior, but I think it’s fun for people to see the architecture. Which, by the way, was built in 1983 and designed by local architect Jon Sayler. The home sits on stilts and the land underneath drops substantially from the front to the back. This house is just nestled in the trees and it has a long catwalk that floats over the valley below. These railings would play an important role in the interior of the home as well.


My head was already spinning with curiosity on what the interior would look like. I never expected to walk into a space with such beautiful natural light. I loved the warm wood planked ceilings and had to add this sleek fan for a pop of contrast. It was love! I knew this wood was so important to enhance. In the photos, you can also see how the black metal railings from the outside were incorporated on the interior. The exterior railings also run along the back of the home on its upper and lower balconies.

The stairs are what take up the curved space of the home. When I first saw the exterior, I was most curious about that area! I knew I wanted to find a simple and modern chandelier (similar one linked) for that unique feature of the home.


The living room opens up to the dining room, kitchen, and sitting area. These spaces were previously divided by a wall between the kitchen and dining area. It felt so divided and each space was so small. It was really important to open that wall up and make it into one large, open gathering space. I love how the fireplace now is a focal point for all of these spaces!


Can you believe the wood ceiling is original? It gets me every time, because it created the PERFECT imaginary boundary lines for the kitchen. And the kitchen was not that big originally. So it was really just meant to be. By the way, that island is around 9′-0″ long. It’s huge! But totally works for the space. It was great for serving out a big spread of appetizers at the open house! The stainless steel sink and black modern faucet bring just the right amount of visual interest.

Also, the backsplash is the coolest! It adds so much visual texture to the space and is definitely a statement piece! Yet, the tile is pretty smooth and easy to clean. I felt like I was taking a huge chance on this selection! But my gut was really telling me I had to go for it.


The last area of the home we included was the master bathroom. This focused on updating the tile floors, a new mini subway tile shower surround, replacing the counters, and changing out plumbing and light fixtures. The original cabinets and closet doors were painted and hardware was added for a quick refresh.

Overall, this home was a modern and natural aesthetic that I was hoping for. Enhancing the wood tones and bringing nature in from the gorgeous views was so important in our design goals. This project was completed by furnishing and styling the entire space, which was an incredible opportunity to pick every piece. I had so much fun bringing in a comfortable and warm aesthetic through the furnishings and accessories.

If you’d like to see more, you can find the video reveal here. Make sure to check out the before images here as well as the progress…it’s always fun to see that transformation! As always, if you like what you see and have a project of your own that you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our services and let’s chat!

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Burroughs Road Remodel: Project Reveal

Okay before we get too excited because I LOVE project reveals, I’m going to preface by saying I didn’t get official photographs for this project. There are some projects that this doesn’t happen with, and it’s usually because the home doesn’t have furniture ready and/or the homeowners are involved in construction so they are still working on things after I’m done. In this project, both situations applied! So I tried to stay out of the way and let them finish up their projects. However, I did manage to take some snapshots at our final meeting. If you haven’t seen them already, take a look at what this home looked like in the beginning. Here are the “before” pictures of this space and see the transition it went through in just a few months!


So, first off, I’m kind of obsessed with the appliance selections of this home. They were Jenn-Air and I have to say, this is one of those things that added such a feel of luxury to the space that I can’t imagine how it would have felt putting in the original black ones back into a new kitchen. The beverage refrigerator (similar one linked) was also a highlight, because what a perfect little focal point while also conveniently located and accessible during gatherings! We also went with a counter-depth refrigerator to save every inch we could on the walk space, because it was getting pretty tight trying to fit in the island seating right behind the large pantry cabinets. (The refrigerator got delivered later that day, I JUST missed it!)


Those pantry cabinets though! So nice! They may have been a total pain in the butt during the construction process due to the company not having the size we originally planned for, but sometimes things happen for a reason and this was a happy result of that. I love that they are the same depth as the rest of the wall cabinets along the right side, and they add so much storage to the kitchen, I don’t even know what I would do with that much space. Costco, anyone? These clients live in the country though so I can imagine it’s nice to stock up on things.


Ok, how about the dream faucet and sink? If you know anything about faucets, you know that Rohl is top of the line, and I love the sleek lines of this one. Paired with one of my favorite Kohler cast iron sink, it’s a match made in heaven! If you read the last progress post, did you get a chance to guess the backsplash of the kitchen? Well, it wasn’t a trick question, but just a simple answer! For this traditional farmhouse kitchen, we went with standard subway tile to coordinate with the counters. Classic and easy to clean was the rule of thumb for this space, and I definitely think that was achieved here.


One of the last things that happen during a renovation is paint, which is shocking to the vast majority of my clients. For very logical reasons…”wouldn’t it be easier to paint when the space is empty?” Well, probably. But I like to think of paint as the cherry on top and the most flexible “topping” of the home. I start by selecting finishes that have less options to pick from…cabinets and flooring, counters, tile, then paint. Because there are a gazillion paint colors, it’s always easy to find one that works. It also offers an opportunity to see the finishes installed and adjust color tones as needed. So, it’s not out of the norm to paint last, and a quality painter should do a good job at protecting the finishes. I love how the creamy paint color selected for the main level changed the appearance all at once. Magic!


Last but not least, because it’s one of my favorite parts of this remodel, is the new fireplace build-out up to the ceiling with cabinets and custom wine storage on either side. The shiplap was the perfect simple material for such a large feature, but the fireplace anchors the space that will now function as their formal dining room. Such a beautiful spot for gathering and entertaining!

What do you think…are you a classic farmhouse or traditional style type? Or more of a modern aesthetic? If you’re not sure, head over to my website and take the FREE style quiz to find out!

Make sure to check out the before images here as well as the progress…it’s always fun to see that transformation! As always, if you like what you see and have a project of your own that you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our services and let’s chat!

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Golden Road Residence: Project Reveal

It’s complete! Are you ready to see the before and after? It’s funny how once you’ve been around the “after” results for long enough, you forget how dramatic the change was. It’s always fun to look back at the original photos of a home. Here’s a quick look at them below.

the outdated “before”

Oak cabinets, oak floors, fluorescent lights, and an awkward entry point in the back corner that directed you right into another wall. This same doorway was the focal point of the front entry, and it wasn’t a pretty sight line to have. We decided to close that off and rearrange a few of the main appliances to get better focal points in both spaces. It makes a huge difference! The photos below show essentially the same views as the “before” photos, just a little closer up:

cozy & custom

When I think about this project, I think of a warm home filled with real and authentic finishes. These are materials like reclaimed barn wood floors, blue pine ceiling planks, large river rock, and neutral, earthy color tones. I love how the appliances are tucked away and don’t appear flashy or distract from the coziness of the space. The “flashiest” parts you will find are in the smallest of details! For instance, heavy iron cabinet hardware, a custom metal backsplash, or the custom wood beam light fixture. We teamed with Dare Designs for many custom pieces, but you can find a similar beam chandelier here. Each small part works together to create a whole space that is a stunner in the most welcoming way.

redefining home for a new family dynamic

The kitchen wasn’t the only space renovated in the home. Nearly every room in this house was transformed in major or minor ways. This was a couple who was ready to reclaim their space after their children had all moved out of the home. Empty spaces were being assigned new functions, and finishes were selected to better reflect their style. The couple had to decide between moving to a new home or renovating the one they had lived in for so long and raised their kids in. I’m so happy they chose to stay, because we were able to incorporate sentimental parts of their family life into the design, such as the wall where they documented their kids’ growth, and later, all of their kid’s friends as well!

The river rock and metal tree in the photo above frame the mass quantities of written growth markers from the family and their friends. Much of the custom wood and metal work in the home, including the stair railing and handrails were completed by the talented duo at Dare Designs.

unique amenities

There were very unique spaces in this home that were great “first-time” experiences for me. The first one was a hidden man cave. This space was outfitted with fireproof walls, a cigar ventilation system, custom gun storage and an antique reloading bench. It also had really cool doors, including a locking safe door as well as a salvaged ship door leading to additional storage. The second space was an outdoor kitchen, which was so perfect for this couple who loved to entertain. They had already invested in landscaping for their backyard. Adding an upper area for entertaining, grilling, and lounging was a fun investment as well. The covered area under the deck had a large fireplace and TV area, and a U-shaped kitchen with a great setup for barbeques and parties.

I’m so happy for this family’s home to be complete for them to use and enjoy each space! This project offered so many unique opportunities for design. The clients’ and all trades involved played an important role in bringing such interest and craftsmanship to the home. It’s always an enjoyable process to watch it all take shape! If you’d like to see where it all started, check out the post Golden Road Residence: Demolition.

If you like what you see and have a project of your own that you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our services and let’s chat!

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