Golden Road Residence: Project Reveal

It’s complete! Are you ready to see the before and after? It’s funny how once you’ve been around the “after” results for long enough, you forget how dramatic the change was. It’s always fun to look back at the original photos of a home. Here’s a quick look at them below.

the outdated “before”

Oak cabinets, oak floors, fluorescent lights, and an awkward entry point in the back corner that directed you right into another wall. This same doorway was the focal point of the front entry, and it wasn’t a pretty sight line to have. We decided to close that off and rearrange a few of the main appliances to get better focal points in both spaces. It makes a huge difference! The photos below show essentially the same views as the “before” photos, just a little closer up:

cozy & custom

When I think about this project, I think of a warm home filled with real and authentic finishes. These are materials like reclaimed barn wood floors, blue pine ceiling planks, large river rock, and neutral, earthy color tones. I love how the appliances are tucked away and don’t appear flashy or distract from the coziness of the space. The “flashiest” parts you will find are in the smallest of details! For instance, heavy iron cabinet hardware, a custom metal backsplash, or the custom wood beam light fixture. We teamed with Dare Designs for many custom pieces, but you can find a similar beam chandelier here. Each small part works together to create a whole space that is a stunner in the most welcoming way.

redefining home for a new family dynamic

The kitchen wasn’t the only space renovated in the home. Nearly every room in this house was transformed in major or minor ways. This was a couple who was ready to reclaim their space after their children had all moved out of the home. Empty spaces were being assigned new functions, and finishes were selected to better reflect their style. The couple had to decide between moving to a new home or renovating the one they had lived in for so long and raised their kids in. I’m so happy they chose to stay, because we were able to incorporate sentimental parts of their family life into the design, such as the wall where they documented their kids’ growth, and later, all of their kid’s friends as well!

The river rock and metal tree in the photo above frame the mass quantities of written growth markers from the family and their friends. Much of the custom wood and metal work in the home, including the stair railing and handrails were completed by the talented duo at Dare Designs.

unique amenities

There were very unique spaces in this home that were great “first-time” experiences for me. The first one was a hidden man cave. This space was outfitted with fireproof walls, a cigar ventilation system, custom gun storage and an antique reloading bench. It also had really cool doors, including a locking safe door as well as a salvaged ship door leading to additional storage. The second space was an outdoor kitchen, which was so perfect for this couple who loved to entertain. They had already invested in landscaping for their backyard. Adding an upper area for entertaining, grilling, and lounging was a fun investment as well. The covered area under the deck had a large fireplace and TV area, and a U-shaped kitchen with a great setup for barbeques and parties.

I’m so happy for this family’s home to be complete for them to use and enjoy each space! This project offered so many unique opportunities for design. The clients’ and all trades involved played an important role in bringing such interest and craftsmanship to the home. It’s always an enjoyable process to watch it all take shape! If you’d like to see where it all started, check out the post Golden Road Residence: Demolition.

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