Rockwood Residence


A contemporary home in the Rockwood Boulevard neighborhood sits on stilts as tall as the trees. Natural light and wood elements flowed throughout the original home, so the goals for the renovation were to enhance these architectural concepts. The original kitchen walls were removed and the kitchen was enlarged to create a spacious gathering area. Modern and natural fixtures, finishes, and furnishings were selected to bring a warm yet luxurious aesthetic.

Photos by Kayleen Michelle.

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“The initial scope of my remodeling project consisted of installing hardwood flooring in the main areas and refreshing the kitchen. I was having a difficult time finding flooring that worked with my cedar inlaid ceilings. The projected had stalled and I knew I needed help. After researching several interior designers in my area I found Little Pacific Design Studio on the Internet. I was impressed by completed projects showcased on the website. I contacted the owner, Shaleesa Mize, and we met a couple days later. Shaleesa shared her vision that reflected the untapped potential of the space. The initial scope expanded to include a complete remodel of the first floor.  Shaleesa helped with everything from finding the perfect flooring, to selecting finishes including lighting, designing/planning the kitchen and master bath, finding and overseeing contractors and much more.  The completed project far exceeded my expectations. Working with Shaleesa was truly a pleasure – she is personable, very bright and extremely talented.”

– Scott H.