Golden Road Residence: Demolition

The Golden Road Residence clients were partially through a master suite remodel when they reached out to me. They wanted help for pursuing renovations of the rest of their home and I was excited to help! Since contractors were already on-site, I barely finished the design plans before demolition started happening! Because of this, I didn’t get true “before” photographs, besides these few that the client sent me. But WOW! How did we get from this to the final reveal!? Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Golden Road Residence.

Demolition Begins

The picture below shows the kitchen stripped of the original cabinets and wood ceiling. I usually like to keep wood ceilings in homes. Unfortunately, because we removed the fluorescent lights, we decided to pull the wood out and replace with something different. In general, this stage of demolition is my favorite. Seeing the space cleared out and having a big open room is the first step in feeling the new design come to life.

Framing the New Space

Next, in the back left corner of the room, you can see the new framing that closes off the second entry point to the kitchen. During the design phase, we looked at several floor plans that left this space open. Ultimately, we decided that the best plan was to close it up. By doing so, it allowed us to use the back wall as a balanced focal point and add additional storage into the space. In this photo, you can also see the start of new finishes installed. We added blue pine (“beetlekill”) to the ceiling with recessed cans to replace the original fluorescent ceiling lights. Last, little tweaks in other areas of the home offer a custom feel yet provide a lot in the sense of functionality. As an example, this nook would eventually host a new media center with storage.

New Opportunities for an Old Basement

The basement, which started as several awkward spaces, was re-framed to divide the space into more functional rooms. This includes a recreation space, a family movie room, and a hidden “man cave.” This special room also has fun features planned, such as an old submarine door leading to a fireproof area to protect family documents and memories.

Interested in seeing the finishes added to the space? Click here for the next progress update and view the most beautiful reclaimed barn wood floors and custom cabinetry. If you just want to get to the final reveal, the post is here!