Home Office Styles for Your Enneagram Type

enneagram home offices
enneagram home offices

At the beginning of the month, my friend Hillarie reached out for a project she was working on. Hillarie is a Small Business and Enneagram Coach and had a wonderful idea of curating home office spaces that would resonate with her clients’ functional and aesthetic needs. She wanted me to pull together the looks and pieces based on those needs, and I thought it would be such a fun process!

Hillarie and I started with a call where she walked me through each Enneagram type. When I started, I knew very little about the different types (beyond my own), so it was fascinating to hear the similarities and differences between each one. I could practically visualize what that person looked like, their personality, career, and except for a few challenging Enneagram types, I could also imagine what kind of space that person would desire. I pulled together 9 concepts, one for each type, and Hillarie gave feedback to fine tune them, ensuring they’d be 100% perfect for the clients she knows so well. We finally published them over on Instagram and curated a full Enneagram Pinterest board as well for easy reference!

Best part of all, the products in each concept board are totally shoppable. The pieces are all gorgeous and totally functional; you can totally shop outside of your Enneagram type, too!

getting started

Not sure what your Enneagram type is? Here is a test to get you started on your research — and it’s a free option! I do recommend taking a few and comparing the results, as well as thoroughly reading all descriptions of the types you tested high in. The first time I took a test, I was mistyped! There are a few types that are easily mixed up, and you would never know without doing some additional reading and research.

Enneagram type 1

From Hillarie: “To their core, Type 1s have a practicalness and minimalistic nature to them. It was really important to convey a sense of structure, traditional components, and of course a lot of organizational spaces to have everything JUST RIGHT in their work space.”

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enneagram type 1 home office design
Enneagram type 2

From Hillarie: “These Small Business Owners are some of the most helpful people around. A 2’s office has a comfortable and warm setting which allows for visitors if needed! You will see a lot of photos of family and friends, and thank you notes are always nearby.”

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enneagram type 2 home office design
Enneagram type 3

From Hillarie: “The 3’s office space is their hub for all their hard work. Trendy, modern and full of ongoing project. Good lighting and a mirror are always within reach for their live social media postings, as well as some sort of bulletin board for inspo and visualization of their goals.”

This is me y’all. Enneagram types are freaky accurate. I had so much fun designing my dream office space!

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enneagram type 3 home office design
Enneagram type 4

From Hillarie: “The 4’s office is filled with items to enhance creativity. Artwork which inspires, candles and blankets to help set the mood for their creative genius and unique design pieces to set their space apart.”

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enneagram type 4 home office design
Enneagram type 5

From Hillarie: “The 5’s office is where they can get in the zone. You’ll find a large desk or shelving for all their books, and a chair they could stay in for hours on end if needed. When the door is closed, this will be their safe space.”

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enneagram type 5 home office design
Enneagram type 6

From Hillarie: “The 6’s office must be suitable for planning and organization. An L-shaped desk is a focal piece and there are a lot of places for storage. A statement clock is clearly visible to help keep them on track. In order to combat potential anxious feelings, you might find calming pieces like a journal, candle, or plants.”

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enneagram type 6 home office design
Enneagram type 7

From Hillarie: “The 7’s office may seem full to some, but to the 7 it’s the perfect place for stimuli! You’ll find a variety of different seating and working areas, as well as different textures to keep them engaged. Another common find in a 7’s office is a place to listen to music or their favorite podcast!”

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enneagram type 7 home office design
Enneagram type 8

From Hillarie: “The 8’s office is full of bold pieces that makes a statement, just like their personality. 8’s have a desire to be right and know all the things! So a desk that can store books for their field or self-development is a must. 8’s also make a statement wherever they go, so having a few statement pieces in their office is no surprise.”

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enneagram type 8 home office design
Enneagram type 9

From Hillarie: “The 9’s office is sure to bring them comfort, a place they know will be consistent and offer them the peace they desire to feel and give to others. Calming colors, smells and textures will be the focus of the office.”

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enneagram type 9 home office design

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this collaboration! I learned so much about the Enneagram and how it can be an important tool for designing spaces and better understanding ourselves and clients! Want to learn more about the Enneagram? Follow Hillarie on Instagram!

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