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wide plank engineered floors
wide plank engineered floors

We have floors! And they are more beautiful than anything, and just as perfect as I had imagined. Our installers completed it in about 3 days, so we had quick results of seeing this finish pull together! And the house just looks so much like a house with the floors in. So let’s talk about it!!

I knew I wanted very wide plank flooring. I was really hoping for at least 6″ even though when I saw the 9-10″ boards I was in literal Heaven. Given this specification alone, I knew we’d be looking at an engineered product. I have nothing against engineered floors, in fact, I specify them all the time because if you know what to look for, they are REALLY good! But I had a few other non-negotiables when it came to finding the right product…

non-negotiable #1: quality wear layer

There are many engineered products out there that are affordable, but the wear layer is paper thin. I wanted a flooring that could live through a few sanding/refinishing over it’s lifetime. Raising our budget to help with the cost of sourcing a quality product with this extra thick wear layer was a must. I didn’t want to be tearing apart our house down in the road to replace garbage floors.

wide plank engineered floors
non-negotiable #2: color & tone

The second non-negotiable for me was color, of course. When sourcing engineered products, most come prefinished. Finding the right tone can really limit your options if you have a particular look in your head, which of course, I did. I wanted a natural/light oak color. I did NOT want something that looked like it had a whitewash (even a light one) over it. Not too orange, either. I finally found a product with the perfect muted brown hue. Once I found that, it was hard to find anything that came close to making my heart flutter.

flooring specifications

I looked at probably 30+ floor samples. But I came back to my first choice. Why do I always torture myself like this?! I have looked at this flooring for well over a year — every time I went to one of the local showrooms to source for clients, I would pass by it and stare with envy. But I wanted to be sure I had explored all my options and price points.

So what did we ultimately choose? Duchateau Grande Savoy in Vicomte was the winner! With occasional knots and the perfect brownish-grey tone, it was love. And seeing it in our home, I know it is the perfect backdrop for everything else!

I was able to capture a few videos of the installation (as the guys were almost done and just had the hallway left!). I always love watching subcontractors work and do their craft! Check out the video below:

Sponsored Post: Transparency is important! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with some incredible companies on our home project. These collaborations may include discounted or donated product in exchange for content. But rest assured – I actually selected products from these brands based on the fact that I love them! Collaboration opportunities came later, and I’m really grateful each company wanted to work with us on our project, too!

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On the Job Site: Choosing Tile and Flooring

choosing tile and flooring

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago we launched a new video series called “On the Job Site!” In this series, we are sharing snippets about our design process as well as highlighting the dozens of skilled workers that execute our visions each day. In our last video, we talked about our process for selecting a paint color over at the Pittsburg Residence. We are back at the Pittsburg Residence today sharing our process for choosing tile and flooring throughout the home.

We hope you enjoy watching all that goes on before we ever reach the final reveal of our projects, and we hope you learn something along the way, too! Enjoy!