2023 Trends

Every year, even every season, there’ll be new trends that start. Based on the Oxford Dictionary “Trends” mean a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Everything from colors, products, styles etc. can become trends. What we’re interested in hitting on in this blog post are trending interiors. We’ll share the ones we’re loving most, even though there are definitely more than what we’ll cover!

Many individuals shy away from using trends. Why? When a popular trend starts to surface, it is used by so many people. An example of this is the farmhouse style that blew up the internet and left every vendor selling truckloads of white subway tile, andddd not much else. and then comes out of trend. A trend can become overused, leaving what was once a unique detail as something that everyone on the block now has. As time passes, something new and exciting shows up in the world of interiors, and now your trendy kitchen is stamped with “2018.” You’re now left with something that is not likely easily changeable, so following that trend comes at a high cost.

So why would we release a blog on new trends? Because they may have been given a bad rep, but they can also be classic styles/products/colors/etc. Often times trends are inspired by architectural history but revived and used in a fresh way. While it may be new to you, it might have been around for years (or centuries) and when applied properly, it won’t go out of style!

Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces have been around for a long time but not always designed in a timeless way. The lighter stones with light grout is a classic design that costs a pretty penny but won’t go out of style and they turn out stunning!

Limewash Paint

This multi-toned wall detail has been popular for a few years now and used to add depth to walls, kitchen hoods, fireplaces. It used to be a tedious process especially with a traditional plaster (and still kind of is, let’s be honest) but now companies are making products that make the process easier and a lot faster.


Soffits save money on cabinetry. But in 99% of jobs, we tear them out because we need extra storage. However, with the rising popularity of homes with 10′ ceiling heights or taller, a soffit can be a beautiful way to finish off a space. Too tall of cabinets can make you feel very small in a room (which can be uncomfortable). And I’m never a fan of stopping the cabinets a foot or more from the ceiling because it looks unfinished and collects a lot of dust (and decor)!

Towel Warmers

The towel warmer was first invented in the 1920’s. It’s come a long way and is still a luxury but now also looks beautiful too.

French Doors

French doors have becoming more and more popular and for good reason! They may be a little “extra” when it’s an interior space, but they add a truly beautiful and classic detail to a home.


Minimal and clean details in home interiors are becoming more and more popular. Flush Trim allows for easy cleaning but also a stunning modern design. The no-trim detail on doors and windows is also becoming more and more popular. Both details make a classic and stunning impact on a home interior!


Zellige tile dates to the 10th century in Morocco. It is a handmade ceramic tile that makes a stunning impact. The uneven surface and dimpling catches the light in a way most machine made tiles don’t. It can be bought with a sealed finish or unsealed and used in tons of applications!

So what do you think? Did you spot any details or trends that you love and could actually see yourself incorporating into a project? I would be on cloud nine to incorporate every single one of these things into my home!