PDCo Home: Our Window Selection

home with black windows
home with black windows

I’m so excited to share about our windows, because they are a huge feature of the home. I went back and forth A LOT when figuring out the size and style of windows. It felt like so much pressure! We have the acreage and a great view, so working the floor plan and window views was nervewracking. I worried about not capturing the views or the windows being too small. At the last minute, I switched to an overall 8′-0″ head height and I’m so glad I did! The scale is perfect and the windows are stunning! Read on for more information about it all!

our list of demands

In the beginning of our window search, we were pretty open to a few different window brands, and we did a lot of shopping around. We knew we wanted black on both the interior and exterior for a strong architectural statement. There was not too much of a preference between wood, aluminum, or composites — that would all come down to budget. We also wanted grilles, and after a lot of debate, we decided internal would be best for easy cleaning in the country. Last, we were interested in casement windows, but ultimately went with a combination of sliders and casements to help on cost. I used casement windows in the main areas like the living room, laundry room, and primary bedroom, where I felt they would make the biggest impact.

the final selection

After all the searching and comparisons, we went with the Andersen 100 series. This series was a top contender from the beginning, but initially we kept an open mind and looked around a lot. With many other companies, we felt like we were making a lot of compromises on our ideal window. However, the cost was equal or more! We purchased our Andersen windows through Home Depot, which saved a ton of money due to their bulk order discounts. The trickiest part was getting them to the job site. For 8′-0″ windows (we had a few full height), they don’t offer delivery, so our contractor had to build a special rack on his trailer to transport them.

the window tour

Here’s a rundown of the windows for each room of our home:

Entry: We initially planned for two windows at the entry, one on each side of the door. But we realized the space was very tight to do this. We struggled when considering dropping the size of the side lites down to 12″, but ultimately decided we’d rather have one large 18″ side lite instead of two small side lites. Once the front door is in, the overall look will be gorgeous!

Living Room: Each of the windows by the fireplace are casement windows. The main slider in the living room is part of Andersen’s multi-glide series. This was another window that changed multiple times through the process. Initially we planned for two sliders that met in the middle, but wanted something that opened up larger. We also considered an accordian door. With the opening stretching 13′, we finally decided that three panels instead of four would take advantage of the views the most. Especially because of the grids. So we finally landed on a three panel sliding door, with each panel a little over 4′ wide.

living room windows
andersen multiglide slider
oversized sliding door

Dining Room: This is a sliding window and I LOVE how huge it is! Definitely captures a wonderful view here, too.

Mudroom: The windows here are simple but some of my favorite! This was one of the special areas for the casement style. Eventually we’ll have a counter with a sink along the window wall and I love how it looks to the front yard.

Bedrooms: Almost all of the windows have the same sill height of 30″, and this was a very intentional decision. I wanted Finley to be able to see out the windows easily! But it also captures so much beauty with the low sill height and 8′-0″ head height.

Main Hall: This hall with windows was my non-negotiable for the house. We designed these windows with a swinging patio door, and made sure the fixed glass on either side matched the lower kick plate height. This door will go out to a little courtyard.

hallway with black windows

Primary Bedroom: This is another area with casement windows. I love the look when both windows are open!

Primary Bathroom & Closet: I’ll start by sharing that we have a lot of privacy out here, hah! One of these large slider windows is in our shower “wet room” space, and the other will be outside of the glass. I love walking into the bathroom and being able to see right outside the back wall.

The closet is another space where we went full height windows to match the hall. We didn’t do a patio door here, and I do kind of regret it. I’m thinking out the back of this space would have been a great place for a hot tub! But I’ll love the views out these windows as I get ready each morning.

master bathroom layout
master closet layout
the last details

We made sure to plan for a few other details. For South and West facing windows, we made sure they had extra sun protection. We planned the head heights on all exterior doors and windows were the same. Sill heights were almost all the same except where a window was full height. The other exception was in the mudroom. We would have cabinetry below the window and therefore, the sill height needed to be higher. And last but not least, we always considered the views! Even the basement egress window, we looked for a way to beautify the view. The result was a concrete window well that is poured to a custom form and looks like stone. It’s such a nice option for a basement window!

I’m so happy with our window selections! We may have adjusted the estimate about 20 times, but all that finetuning and reviewing really made for the best plan in the end. I’m so thankful to our local Home Depot store and window salesman for all of his patience in perfecting our options!

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