Lakeside Residence: Final Reveal

The Lakeside Residence is our first large scale renovation in Liberty Lake. Tucked in a wooded area and with beautiful views of the lake. Several areas of the home were reconfigured for an improved layout and added functionality for modern day life with a family. No surface was left untouched on this renovation, from exterior to interior, a garage addition, and even raising the ceiling! This modern home leveled up in every way possible! With its warm wood tones, neutral textures, and play with scale, it’s sure to be a favorite.

Unfortunately, I went to go pull up “before” photos from a few years ago when we first started the project. At some point, I lost the files from the archived project folder when it updated to the current project folder. So, the best I can give you all is this video from the beginnings of construction and the progress video!

no, it’s not new construction!

As you approach the home from the exterior, it’s hard to believe this project is a renovation and not a new build. Every inch is updated! The original home had been mostly gutted from the previous owner. But with no particular plan in place, we were starting from square one to customize the layout and finishes for the new family. This was no small task for a 6500+ square foot home! We spent a lot of time reviewing floor plans, ensuring all the family’s needs were taken care of. This focused primarily on the main floor, where the primary suite, kids’ bedrooms and bathroom, kitchen, pantry, powder room, laundry, mudroom, school/craft room, and more were located. The new layout is incredibly functional, flowing from exterior spaces inward to family-oriented living.

kitchen dreams

My favorite part of the whole home is definitely the kitchen, with its central oversized island, and sleek wall of cabinets and hidden appliances. A modern feel was achieved through consistent use of oversized drawers and sleek linear finger pulls. Deep charcoal painted cabinets paired with warm wood tones on the perimeter cabinets and flooring keep the space feeling inviting and livable. I love this pairing with bright countertops and white walls, as it reflects all the natural light flowing in! Dark cabinets do not have to mean dark rooms! It’s actually quite incredible how much natural light we were able to maintain in this space. The original space felt dark and closed in, but with minor adjustments to windows and finishes, we achieved a light airy feel. It certainly helps that the ceiling was raised a substantial amount. No small task, but well worth the results!

In this project, we really loved playing with scale and texture. I think the kitchen shows this off quite well! From the oversized concrete pendants (lessons here about reinforcing ceilings, haha!) to the textured backsplash, I absolutely love the final results! The backsplash is a favorite of mine for sure! That vibe it gives with the simple hood and wood tones is too good!

mudroom & laundry, two instead of one!

In many projects, it is very common to have the laundry room also serve as the mudroom and back entrance to the home. But this project is anything but ordinary, and it was important to our client to have these spaces separate. Living with a combined mudroom/laundry room myself, I can totally understand why! Combining too many functions in one space can sometimes make for chaos and messes (speaking from experience). However, at the Lakeside Residence, the sleek ventilated locker-style cabinets contain the messes that come with family life. The wood bench ensures durability for many years to come.

The laundry room sits parallel to the mudroom, so quick access for easy cleaning is not a worry! And with lots of storage and shelves stocked with laundry bins to keep organized. All of these rooms are near the kitchen and sitting room, so it’s easy to keep up on home tasks and cleaning supplies at your fingertips!


How do you achieve an elevated and neutral interior design while still making it fun for the kids? How about some pattern! Small scale patterns add texture and visual interest to a space, and we had so much fun creating that for the kids’ bathroom! Aesthetics are fun for these rooms, but just as important is functionality! We designed a long vanity with various types of storage from cabinets, drawers, and open shelves for stocking as needed. My favorite detail though is definitely the extra long sink complete with two faucets! This maximizes counter space on each side of the vanity, while still allowing multiple kiddos to get ready at once. Keeping the privacy door between the vanity and shower/toilet area keeps in mind the use of the space for multiple kids at once. It’s a layout that just makes sense here!

the parents oasis (that becomes the kids’ waterpark!)

Upon returning for the photoshoot, I had to laugh when I came across the primary bathroom. Its full walk-in shower/tub area had kids’ bath toys around the tub, and it’s clear this family has a similar scenario playing out as I do in my home. When you have a big open wet room paired with children, you will find this space becomes a wonderful waterpark. Kids don’t want to use their cute little bathrooms anymore. They want the splash pad! Needless to say, we still tidied up for our final photos. A parent can dream of their oasis, right?

The bathroom has a similar layout to my own personal home, which I’ve found to be so functional, feels open, and definitely like a spa at home every morning and evening. This client is especially fortunate to have beautiful woodlands outside of their windows here! It brings so much natural greenery and texture into the space! We still had some fun though with sourcing! Glossy linear tiles with matte tile floors made for a fun pairing. Of course, continuing to bring warmth in through wood tones such as the vanity and open shelving.

Well, my friends, that’s a wrap on this project reveal! I’m so happy to have these beautiful project photos to finally share here with you. And, exciting news… one more photoshoot is on its way in the future! It’s taken some time to catch up here on the blog and our portfolio, and maybe now you can see why! Last year was certainly busy!

If you have a project in mind you would like to discuss, feel free to check out our design services and reach out! From hourly design consultations to full-service packages, we have various offerings that allow us to help you on all types of projects, big and small! Let’s chat and see how we can assist you in moving forward on your dreams!

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