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What questions do I get asked most often when it comes to PDCO home? That’s easy; where do you get your light fixtures? Annnd, how do I get my fireplace to look like that? I went through light fixtures in our PDCO home reveal post so today let’s take a closer look at the PDCO Fireplace! Something most of us don’t realize, until we start looking into installing our own fireplace, is how much detail goes into it. Today you can consider me your fireplace fairy godmother! I’ll take you through every decision we needed to make to get our fireplace to look like this. And every detail you’ll need to make when you’re getting a fireplace installed.

Where to start?

If you’re from the Spokane, WA general area then highly recommend Falco’s Spokane for all your fireplace needs! They truly are the full package; they’re easy to work with, have quality products and do quality work! I love that they are a one stop shop for finding the right unit AND installation. After finding a fireplace supplier, your next step is to decide what type of fireplace you want. Gas, Wood or Specialty? The exact model we selected is the Kozy Heat Bayport 41 gas fireplace. A fireplace is a big focal point in any space, so one thing to consider is the style of your home. Not only with the shape and size of the unit, but all of the “media kit” items inside the unit! There are fireplaces that lean more traditional, transitional, modern, etc. so make sure the fireplace you select fits the home you’re dreaming up.

Falco’s has details about each fireplace unit and here’s what they have to say about the Kozy Heat Bayport 41 direct vent gas fireplace. “Direct vent gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney or existing fireplace for successful installation – they can be installed almost anywhere, even on interior walls and in modern homes. The Bayport 41 Log is energy-efficient, easy to operate, and provides an exceptional level of heat output, making this fireplace a great investment that will give years of good service.”

We really wanted a fireplace that put out heat. Many fireplaces are fine for just aesthetic purposes, but some people don’t realize that there are special units that are more for the functionality of heat output!

Let’s personalize it!

After selecting the exact fireplace unit we began to put together the details. Our home is definitely more modern, but still cozy and soft. We knew we wanted our fireplace to have a minimalist appearance. I kept all this in mind when selecting a fireplace, but also when going through all the details. The easiest details to select were the black gloss enamel panels for extra reflection and glow. The black full rectangular framed screen front was exactly what we needed for the sharp lines next to the drywall edges. These two things definitely took our fireplace in the modern direction we were wanting to take it.

We also customized our media kit to our personal preferences. I get lots of questions about this specifically! We selected the driftwood rock media kit but we asked them to eliminate the rocks with yellow tones. I’m a pain, I know 😉 We added the black glass media kit onto that to also increase the reflection and glow. And there you have our customized Kozy Heat Bayport 41 direct vent gas fireplace!

What matters most!

Your fireplace surround is just as important if not more important than your fireplace unit, when we’re looking at the aesthetic aspect of things. For a cleaner look we went without a hearth and mantle and chose to do a built-in ledge instead. The detail of a ledge gave me the room to “dress up” our fireplace while still not making it too busy for what we were wanting.

We brought our fireplace surround all the way up to the ceiling. In our PDCO home final reveal, I talk about how this brings your eye up making your ceiling heights seem even taller. It’s a must-have in my opinion when designing a fireplace wall. We also brought this drywall all the way to the floor with a very clean line so no base trim was needed to finish it off. We painted the whole thing in the same color as our walls. I wanted a minimalist look but felt there was enough detail because of the ledge and the angles of the vaulted ceiling! I’ve been going back and forth on adding a white oak ledge on top of the existing ledge to add a little warmth, but haven’t fully decided.

The Frame TV

I recently released a blog post talking about our Samsung Frame TV details. But a few details I wanted to add here are how we don’t have any TV “parts” sitting on our ledge and how we got away with that. We included an outlet in the spot where we’d be hanging our TV above the fireplace. So, the plan was to plug in the TV and everything would still look very clean. However, the Samsung frame TV does have the “brains” of the TV in a separate box that you plug into the TV. This allows for a thin TV screen, making it even more identical to an art piece.

That said, we still didn’t want to have any boxes sitting on our ledge. So, we decided to drill a hole through our wall (behind the tv). Then we drilled another hole through the side of the fireplace surround. We fed the cable through so the box could sit out of sight – once we find the right cabinet of course!

I hope I covered all the questions you have regarding putting together your own fireplace package! If I did miss anything, comment below!

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