PDCo Home: Insulation

insulation batting

We have an update on the interior of #pdcohome! Insulation was completed a few weeks ago, and our inspection passed last week. The house is all cleaned up and ready for the next phase…drywall! I know once drywall starts, this house is going to look completely different, in all the best ways of course. The drywall phase has always been my favorite for client projects, because the home really brightens up and shows off it’s final shape. I have no doubt this will be a favorite part for our own home as well.

We left one little memento in the walls, courtesy of Finley. Finn was allowed to draw a family picture on the plywood in one of the stud bays. I love that there is an addition to the family…a dog. Finn is really great at dropping hints for us, hah! Connor labeled each person, Finley wrote “love” below the picture. I was a little sad to see this covered up, but happy I remembered to take a photo to remember it by.

family house build ideas

I did one last walk-through to show you the house at the current moment. Check out the video below:

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