PDCo Home: Photo Renderings

Over on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek at some incredible photo-realistic renderings of our home! I’ve been dropping a few of my favorites lately, but I just can’t wait to share the rest! Doing photo renderings of our house was on my to-do list. However, it’s been years since I’ve done it, so it was a project I wasn’t real keen on taking on. Not to mention, technology continues to change and I know the programs out there are so different and better from how I learned! So, I’d love to introduce you to the business that took on the job for us… Envision Home Designs.

I’ve looked at a lot of rendering companies in the past and always really admired them. I’ve never fully considered using it for my own clients though! The drawings and 3D models I did felt sufficient for the task at hand. However, after experiencing the difference for myself, I think I’ve changed my mind on how incredible it feels to see your home with such a clear picture! I’ve now been snooping their website and watching all of their beautiful home video tours.

So who is ready for the tour of PDCo Home? My husband was THRILLED when he saw these and my 4-year old thought it was our house literally already built! So I’d call that a total #win for those needing to convince their family/spouses on their designs…haha!


When Envision Home Designs first reached out to me, I thought we would just do the exterior renderings. You will see some slight variations in the exterior designs because we wanted to compare a few options. For example, we’ve gone back and forth on the siding being vertical vs. horizontal and it DEFINITELY helped us make a decision! Can you guess what we picked?

This back view is my favorite of the whole home; the entire home was designed around this space. The outdoor patio looks out over our 11 acres, with rolling hills and then treed mountains in the distance. We wanted areas that were open and a partially covered patio as well since it is South and West facing. We’ll likely be working with a landscape designer to best determine how to work the patio into the surroundings.

THE INTERIOR – main areas

When we got to the interior renderings, Envision Home Designs took some creative liberties and they knocked it out of the park! We made some minor adjustments to better represent the vision I have. While it’s not 100% what we will actually pick for some of the details, it’s a really great overall feel and I’m just so happy with the results.

These first renderings are the entry, living room, kitchen, and dining room.

the interior – master suite

The wing for our bedroom is literally life goals for me! You walk down a glass hallway (overlooking the rolling hills) and then enter the bedroom. From there you can turn into the bathroom and see the built-in shelves as a focal point. To the left of those are our vanity, toilet, and walk-in shower/tub area. To the right of the shelves is our walk-in closet. This is like the dreamiest closet in the world and it’s quite possible I think about it everyday. Design is truly in the little details of improving our every day life, making every moment beautiful.

I hope you guys enjoy this visualization as much as my family did! It is such an exciting thing for us to look at often and it’s also been an incredibly helpful tool for us to make important decisions and remind us of our priorities in the budget.

Disclaimer: We were gifted these renderings from Envision Home Designs but in no shape or form does this change our opinion of the service and product we received. Stephen was so easy to work with, willing to make any adjustments we wanted to see, and had a very quick turnaround time. If you are looking for a rendering service, I’d definitely recommend them!

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