PDCo Home: Rough-Ins & Miscellaneous Work

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I’ve been a little quiet about updates on the house lately! There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes though! The guys have been completing all of the tedious work to get our home functioning. Last month has been all about HVAC, plumbing, electrical, gas, and more.

electrical & plumbing rough-ins

There were a lot of decisions to be made in a short period of time! The electrical plan needed to be finalized. Then we had to determine the perfect heights for both electrical and plumbing fixtures. We quickly finished selecting our lighting to best make these decisions, and then started ordering them! At the last minute, we also decided to throw in central VAC. So we did a walk-through to determine best locations for piping and get those in quickly.

The fireplace and chimney cap also got installed! It all turned out beautifully thanks to Falco’s. I’ll share more about the designs for this in the future. Right now it’s all about the behind the scenes things that don’t make for pretty pictures. But of course they are important steps to complete before getting to insulate and then close up the walls. Last week we passed all of our inspections for these items, so onward we go!

roof & windows

I realized I hadn’t even posted anything when the roof finished! I’ll soon have a separate post all about that. The windows have been done for quite some time but we just received our extra large sliding door. It was installed this weekend so I’m finally sharing the decisions behind all of the windows in this separate post!

black roof and windows
gutters and exterior work

Gutters were added right after a long week of drenching rain. But at least the rain helped compact a lot of the dirt around the house. We’ve been working to fill in the sinkholes around the foundation and finish grading before the ground freezes. I also made quite the plant haul with some great clearance deals! We planted close to 100 grasses in the front corner of the house! We’ll be doing more landscaping in the Spring and I’ll share more about our long-term plans for prairie-style landscaping then.

We also had our soffits, fascia boards, columns, and covered patio ceiling painted. The exterior is really taking shape and last week they started installing the cedar siding. Exterior doors are getting installed and painted. We also got our stone delivered, so I’m hoping we’ll have the exterior all done before Christmas!

black covered patio
what’s next…

So what’s coming up? We’re looking forward to insulation and drywall in the coming weeks. From there, it’s all about diving into the pretty things, starting with tile and hardwood floors! If you want to stay tuned on a daily basis, be sure to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on our stories and highlights!

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