Mill Road Residence


A couple finds themselves moving into a new home with a dark, dated interior. An overhaul of the entire 3,700 square foot residence brought continuity while providing the clients with opportunity to infuse their style throughout. Minor adjustments to the floor plan allowed the space to feel more open and the natural light to shine through. This traditional yet colorful design is now their place to call home and a beautiful backdrop for their inherited art and antiques.

Photos by Kayleen Michelle.

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“How can I describe the service I received from Little Pacific Design Studio and be concise? There is no way. I will just highlight some key points. I thought I was the only client of the Studio when my home was undergoing complete renovation. At the end of my remodel when we were styling my home, I asked if there had been other clients simultaneously and was told there had been several. This was quite a surprise because I never had a clue. I was treated as if I was the only project. I’m still mystified as to how this could have been done as I was very needy. We had a medical crisis in our family at the outset of my project and I had to stay pretty much out of the day to day decisions. It was all pulled together in a very short period of time with hardly any participation on my end. The customer service aspect was crucial to me in this project. It is so lacking with many companies in this day of over-commitment. I received top notch service and the turn around time with phone calls, emails or texts was always within the same day. Unheard of! The Studio had to wait to hear from me on many occasions. Again, this couldn’t be helped with the illness.

My home is the most beautiful example of the kind of conscientious, intelligent, gifted, and creative company you could ever hope to engage for your design project. I have referred them to a friend who is quite particular and the friend has been extremely pleased with the results and guidance thus far. I think the highest praise can be summed up this way: I wish I could start all over again tomorrow so this fun never had to end. I have a new friend as a bonus. Yes, you can get good service these days!!!”

– Janie B.