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Hardware. You either love it and everything about selecting it, or it stresses you out. Whichever one you are, today’s post is for you! And if your blood pressure usually goes up from just mentioning hardware, then maybe today we can change that!

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I often think of hardware as an accessory for your home. Just like we choose rings, earrings, and necklaces to wear with our outfits, hardware is the accessory we choose to dress up our doors and cabinets with. But it’s not just an accessory for our homes — it’s absolutely essential due to its functionality! For our home and for 99% of our projects we select all of our hardware from Spokane Hardware which is also known as Hardware Hut online.

If you are local to Spokane, Washington, I cannot recommend Spokane Hardware enough! They have the greatest selection of cabinet hardware, door hardware, and so many accessory options too. It’s so nice to go to their showroom and easily browse different hardware options, many of which you may not have thought about searching for online. I love doing this because it opens my mind to other options, while also allowing you to see the true color and feel of the hardware before purchasing. For those who aren’t local, you can also easily purchase the hardware through their online website. Their team is always so helpful no matter what I’m looking for and they are an incredible resource for finding hardware solutions for the trickiest problems! So, whether hardware shopping stresses you out or not, Spokane Hardware and Hardware Hut are your places!

The Logistics for cabinetry hardware

There are a few things to consider when you are hardware shopping. First, I normally like to use a combination of a knob and pull in each space, but you can use the same combination of hardware throughout your entire home! If you do decide to change it up, I’d recommend keeping the finish the same. However, in rare cases, I’ll change up the finish if it really makes sense for the aesthetic of a particular room!

Another thing I see people worry about is what type of hardware they should get, such as pulls or knobs. I’ll share how we do it most of the time and why. Almost every time, we vote for knobs on cabinet doors. I personally think a pull on a cabinet drawer gets too visually cluttered. The exception to this is very tall cabinet doors, like a pantry cabinet, that may need a longer pull to hold the weight of the door. Knobs are incredibly versatile, and I love using them on doors and drawers! We go back and forth between knobs and pulls on drawers in our designs depending on the aesthetic we are wanting to achieve. Every once in a while, we will throw in a special piece like a cabinet latch, cup pull, finger pull, or other unique design to change up the look.

How We Did it: the kitchen

Next, I’m going to share all our PDCO home cabinetry hardware details! For our home, we wanted a fairly minimalist look, so we chose to do knobs almost everywhere.

Starting off in the kitchen, we used all Top Knobs Nouveau II Round Cabinet Knob and a Top Knob cabinet latch. For some reason, I couldn’t find the Top knobs cabinet latch, but this Emtek Cabinet Latch is the same look. Please keep in mind though, that brands usually have slight variations to their finishes! So be very careful mixing different brands, especially when it comes to brass and bronze finishes.

The knob placement depended on how long our drawers were. Since most of the drawers weren’t wider than 36″ we just used one knob in the center of the drawer. There was only one spot, which is the tilt-out under our sink, that we used two knobs due to the length. The latches we used are beautiful but have a lot of detail, so using them sparingly is important. I like placing them under a sink, or a special pantry cabinet. We love the visual interested they added!

How We Did it: the primary bathroom

To keep that minimalist look, we carried the same finger pull knobs throughout our home so you also see them in our primary bathroom. We also stuck with the beautiful oiled bronze finish, which was the perfect brown tone. It’s not too stark like black would have brought, and not too flashy like satin brass. The oil rubbed bronze finish from Top Knobs is very different from the standard oil rubbed bronze you typically would see. It’s a favorite of ours!

Even though the drawers on our vanity are pretty large, I LOVE the very simple look of keeping one knob on each drawer. It’s modern and simple, but feels so warm due to the finishes we chose for this vanity.

How We Did it: the kids’ bathroom

The only room we changed the style of cabinet hardware in is our kids’ bathroom. I wanted something a little different in here! Something that was easy for the kids to use and also that added a little extra charm. We selected these from the Top Knobs line to make sure the finish matched the rest of the home. The exact ones we selected are the Top Knobs Egg Cabinet Knob.

Kid's Bathroom Oak Vanity
Door hardware

When it comes to door hardware there really aren’t many guidelines! But the main consideration is the ease of use between a lever and a knob. We recommend levers for families with children as well as those considering a home for aging in place, due to levers being easier to grab and use. From an aesthetic standpoint, we select a finish that coordinates with one of the other finishes we’ve selected for the home. At PDCo Home, we matched our door hardware finish to our plumbing fixtures which is a satin brass.

All of our interior door hardware is from Emtek. The door levers are the Emtek Modern Helios Door Leverset with a Stretto Narrow Trim. With this narrow backplate, planning ahead is important! It requires a custom bore hole size. You must order your doors with this specific bore size, or have the bores drilled on site. I’m so in love with this look! The pocket door hardware is the Emtek Narrow Modern Rectangular Solid Brass Mortise Pocket Door Privacy Latch. It’s a sleek look and matches our narrow backplates on the other doors perfectly.

Our front exterior door is the only one that we didn’t select from Emtek’s line. I wanted something very unique for our front door and this Sun Valley Brass Bandbox Handle x Handle Mortise Lock Entry Set makes such a statement! I was obsessed from the moment I saw it. The entire Sun Valley Brass collection is stunning, with products ranging from modern to traditional styles. There are a lot of finishes to select from, too! The brass is a living finish and has antiqued so beautifully, adding warmth yet contrast with our black front door.

There you have it! A full hardware tour. I know many of my clients get stressed thinking (and overthinking!) about hardware and the millions of options and combinations out there. Sometimes, it really is okay to keep it simple!

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