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When countertops get installed, you know you are nearing the finish line! I was really excited for our counters because I had the opportunity to do a few details I had been wanting to try out for a while! Check them out below!

master bathroom

Our vanity was something I had been dreaming about and designing for a long time! I wanted something modern and simple, but warm, and also something that looked more like a furniture piece. The custom design for the vanity achieved all of those things! But most of all, I designed it to accommodate a thickened quartz face AND an extra tall quartz backsplash, with the veins aligning the whole way through. The fabricators did an incredible job executing my vision, and I couldn’t be happier with how these details all came together.

We also used the same quartz for our shower bench, again, with the veins carrying from the front and side onto the top. This baby came in one large piece, which was shocking! And would you believe it was installed AFTER the tile? A perfect fit! It extends past the tile edge so we can add shower glass which will sit on top of the bench. All in the details, and this planning ahead took a few sketches to get just right!

We did the same counter in Finn’s bathroom, but with a standard thickness and just a 4″ quartz backsplash. I need to get some photos of her bathroom and vanity because it’s just so cute!

kitchen counters

I always imagined I’d have white counters with grey veins in my kitchen. That’s my go-to and I always love how crisp and modern it looks on just about any cabinet. But the more I looked at our warm Scandinavian palette, white just didn’t feel right anymore. I wanted a warm, calm, neutral space. When I found Pental Quartz Nordic Grey (how appropriately named!), I knew it was the one. Of course my brain went into overdrive and tried to make me second-guess the decision a few times. But I’m glad I held strong because our counters are the perfect choice. There is just the right amount of variation — it’s so subtle!

miscellaneous areas

The pantry counters match the kitchen but I have to share this photo (even if it is a little blurry) because this space turned out beautifully. I love the extra warmth the wood planks bring in as the “backsplash.” This little nook is so cozy and one of my favorite features of the home.

The second photo is the custom vanity I designed for our powder room. I included it because there’s no counters here! I really wanted this space to have a vanity with a simple wood top. The travertine vessel sink would not have presented as beautifully with any type of counter. Wood was it’s soul mate!

We are certainly in the home stretch of sharing the details of #pdcohome! Plumbing, lighting, hardware, and some other fixtures will just about cover it, but we all know those details bring so much character to a home! I look forward to sharing them soon!

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