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tile preparation

Well we are officially moved into #pdcohome but the end of construction came with a lot of busy-ness between final decisions, prepping for a move, and running a business! So I’m now going back through old photos, catching up on content, and excited to continue to share the last phases of the construction process!

Our tile had been done for quite some time that I could have shared sooner, but I wanted to wait until our kitchen backsplash was done as well so I could share everything at once! We have a few main areas that were tiled in the home: the master bathroom and closet, Finn’s bathroom, the mudroom, powder room, and kitchen backsplash. Scroll down to check them out!

master bathroom installation

Our bathroom was definitely the biggest undertaking for the amount of tile, due to the extra large walk-in shower/wet room. Combine that with 9′-0″ ceilings and it’s going to take some time for completion! The installers started with the floors, adding heated flooring through the bathroom and closet, then installing the tile there as well as the shower floor.

Next they moved on to the shower walls, which took a long long time but was so exciting to watch! Each piece was 2×10 and individually set. Finley in the picture for scale, I guess, hah!

Once the grout was in, the variation felt like it really started to pop, but overall the space feels so soft and soothing. The wall tile is also a matte finish which helps the room feel more natural. It’s Bedrosian’s beautiful and popular Makoto tile, which may be my new favorite, too.

kitchen backsplash

Moving on to one of my next favorite spaces, the kitchen backsplash! It took me a while to decide on the tile for this space. I didn’t want anything too modern or too traditional. It needed to fit into both a bit and just feel classic. I was excited when I finally landed on Riad Tile’s 2×6 zellige tile, which added the perfect amount of a handcrafted look and texture to an otherwise very simple kitchen palette.

Unfortunately my phone did not like the lighting when these photos were taken so they’re a bit blurry, but eventually better photos will come as I finish cleaning the house and start to share more!!

mudroom & powder room floors

I guess I’m just pretty bad at taking photos lately, because I don’t have many others to show at the moment! But I absolutely love our floors in the mudroom! It’s a large format porcelain with a tumbled edge so it looks and feels like travertine. I love the earthy look it brings to this space, and I liked it so much, I used it in the powder room as well! I had something else picked out for that space, but in the end felt like this was a better choice. So glad I did!

tumbled porcelain tile
finn’s bathroom

Currently MIA, Finn’s bathroom has no photos to share! We went with a white matte penny tile on the floors. We threw in a cheap shower surround at the moment until I can make a better decision on the tile for that space. Funny (but also not) how I’ve been so indecisive on my own home! I have a feeling this will be an upcoming project to get that area finished up!

You are sure to see more snippets of the tile around our home in the coming posts. After months of having finishes covered up for protection, it was the best feeling to pull off all the paper and get things cleaned up. Plus, seeing all of the finishes combined together for the “full picture” was like a reveal in itself for us! Can’t wait to share!

Sponsored Post: Transparency is important! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with some incredible companies on our home project. These collaborations may include discounted or donated product in exchange for content. But rest assured – I actually selected products from these brands based on the fact that I love them! Collaboration opportunities came later, and I’m really grateful each company wanted to work with us on our project, too!

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