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new build home framing

Hey all! Our last update was over a month ago and we’ve made huge progress during this time, but particularly in the last two weeks. The “moment of truth” finally happened, which was the process of framing the house. Walking through the house for the first time was pretty incredible! Noticing every little inch of detail that I had thought through on paper. We’ve been going back almost daily now for little tasks to complete. Every time, I walk through the house again. I’m SO ready to move in now…hah! 

Progress list

Our electrical/gas trench had some erosion from being done so long ago. At the last minute we had to do some hand digging to smooth it out and remove the extra dirt. Thankful for friends who were willing to help us out and keep our schedule on track! After that, we were able to successfully get our electrical lines installed in the trench, followed by the gas line. 

electrical trench filled

We backfilled the trench mentioned above and then the power company came back to officially turn on our electrical. We’ve got power! The well pump will get finished up in the next few days, allowing us to have water too! This is HUGE! It’s so dusty so we picked up eco-friendly hoses (made from 100% recycled material) and sprinklers to start watering it.

We borrowed equipment and were able to start working on the final grade. We softened the edges of some hills near the electrical trench as well as the back patio area. The window well was bolted to the house and we backfilled around it. It really improved the front elevation of the home. It’s looking so good and I’m excited to start thinking of the landscape around the house!

The septic system was installed at the end of last week. We just have to wait for the inspection of that before we can close it back up.

final ground work
mize family home
framing starts & finishes!

The main load-bearing walls in the basement were framed! This is as far as we will finish the basement for now. It was really exciting getting down in the basement and seeing the overall size of the spaces. The plan is to eventually finish it to include a family room, bathroom, and bedroom. The mechanical/storage space is down there as well. The floor joists were also added over the whole basement and crawl space!

framed floor
basement wall framing

The decking was installed which was the first time we could get the slightest sense of the main floor. A few of the perimeter walls in the master suite were standing, too. This allowed us to get an idea of the overall space and window views!

decking of new home construction
new construction home framing
spokane new build homes
spokane new construction homes

At the beginning of last week we were expecting the remaining perimeter walls to be raised. We stopped by and were shocked to find the perimeter walls and all of the interior walls framed! The framers knocked this out so fast, I was so pumped driving up to the house! I shared a framing tour over on IGTV if you’re interested in checking it out! We’ve been walking the house daily and I can’t get enough of being in the house!

framed window opening
spokane washington new construction home
coming up

Trusses will go on early this coming week!

The big decisions and purchases are being made lately, too! Siding, windows, appliances, and plumbing fixtures are all ordered and on their way! We’re working through the final selections of our front door, interior doors and hardware, roofing, and flooring. We are really close to making a decision on all of these! Lots more to select for other categories, but we still have some time! I’ll be sharing all of the selections of course, once I have some pictures to share with them!

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