PDCo Home: Trusses & Final Framing

We’ve been moving right along the last few weeks since framing was complete. Trusses and roof lines are taking shape and we’re getting all ready to move to the big phase of exterior finishes. I’m so excited to see what the next month will bring!

Here’s what we’ve been up to!

trusses & framing

Trusses were delivered and the framers worked for a little over a week getting them all set in place. We had a mix up on the covered patio and we were given scissor trusses instead of a more open timber frame. Thankfully our contractor was able to hook us up with the new ones in a quick 3 day turnaround (instead of 4-5 weeks!). This will prevent delays on the roofing. Seeing the trusses installed was was so exciting! It really finished the form of the house and helped blend and soften all the corners.

The last of the framing details are being completed. I shared a framing tour over on IGTV before the trusses were on if you’re interested in checking it out! I’ll do an updated one soon. The guys are now working on the eaves of the roof, fascia boards and soffits, adding the stairs to the basement, casing out a few openings, and doing the partial wall for the island to back up against (great for plumbing).

misc. & future plans

Speaking of plumbing, we marked all the center lines of our fixtures so the plumber can start on rough-ins soon. We also determined that we will need to reverse the layout of the tub and shower in the master bathroom. It will still look beautiful and maybe feel more open not having the tub in our main line of sight!

The septic system was approved and we were able to backfill that area!

Our Port Orford cedar T&G siding arrived and we can get that finished ASAP so it’s ready for install!

We’ve also been working with Blend Outdoor for our landscape design plans. We are getting very excited to start working on the first phase!

Our contractor used his drone to get a few really cool aerial shots of the home and the surrounding land. I love that it’s starting to blend now that the roof is on! We’ve been working so hard to create some hills around the house, too!

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