Pines Residence Progress

Our Pines Residence is wrapping up with just a few details left, so we figured we should probably give an update on it! It’s been a project we’ve had in our queue for quite some time. So we’re excited to finally be sharing progress from the construction phase! We have quite a few homes built in the mid-century era scattered throughout Spokane, this being one of them!

Our clients lean into a mid-century touch but enjoy more of a warm transitional interior style. Which is right up our ally! Throughout the material selection phase, we got some amazing materials paired together. The tiles, cabinet finishes, and fixture combos all speak to who our clients are and truly embrace their style!


When tackling the kitchen we went through quite a few floor plan revisions. The “before” kitchen was outdated and felt crowded. It wasn’t functional for our clients and wasn’t a space they wanted to be in. So getting the layout pinned down was very important and our clients finally found one they loved!

When tackling a remodel and keeping a budget in mind, the fact of the matter is you’ll most likely have some design elements that get cut. That’s just because you’re working with an existing space rather than starting from scratch. Which is also why every remodel is unique! You have dreams and wants and depending on the home we are either able to deliver or together we come up with a better solution with the walls we’ve been given!

When it came to selecting finishes for the kitchen there was one finish our clients knew they wanted, Quartzite countertops! I’m sure you’ve already heard about Quartz countertops and maybe even Quartzite but here’s a quick description of both. Quartz is an engineered, man-made product manufactured in a factory by combining elements of quartz, resin, and pigment. Alternatively, quartzite is a natural stone that forms 100% organically deep within the earth that is extracted in blocks by quarrying.

What we love about Quartzite is the movement in the slabs. Every slab is unique so we make sure to plan a slab yard date and go explore all the exact options we’d get. Our clients had the “Taj Mahal” in mind and after comparing it to the other finishes (tile, wood tones, paint colors) it was a perfect addition. They selected a Taj Mahal slab with a honed, leathered finish to it!

Primary Bathroom

The primary bathroom is typically another space in the home we like to splurge on with quality and style. So pulling the Taj Mahal into this space was another easy choice for us and our clients! The wall tile in here is a gorgeous mushroom-taupe color and the flooring is a soft neutral tone. If you want to see more pictures make sure to follow us on Instagram… our followers on that platform usually get the first sneak peeks with all the pictures and videos!

In the primary bath we also went back and forth between two floorplan layouts, the clients decided on a little bit more of an expensive layout because plumbing would move around. But again, if there’s a space to splurge, it’s the primary bath. As the homeowner that’s the space you’ll be spending your mornings, end of days, and maybe even some time in-between.

More Bathrooms!

The next bathroom we’ll go over is the kiddo’s bathroom! For this home it was still a room we wanted to keep fairly neutral but with the scale of the tile we chose and some finishing touches, it still holds a cuteness that you want incorporated in your kid’s bathroom!

There wasn’t much to change with the layout of the bathroom, so all the finishes and fixtures speak for themselves in here! The vanity was a tricky one to reconfigure but the end result with the corner will add to the charm of the room!

The downstairs bathroom won’t be utilized as often as the others but we didn’t want it to feel like an after thought either! And after the design process we’re excited to say, this bathroom truly gets to shine all on it’s own. The pop of dark smaller scaled tile on the shower wall makes a beautiful statement. And the space still gets warmed up with a beautiful white oak vanity!

Powder room

The ground floor powder room is one we want to make sure we mention! Being located right off of the kitchen and being the only bathroom on the main floor, it will be utilized the most out of all the others. And if you’ve been a PDCo follower for some time, you know we love our powder rooms! The most exciting element will be a fun wallpaper the clients fell in love with. It’ll be paired with a floating wood vanity, a dark countertop and brass accents! I’m getting excited just writing about it!


The Laundry/Mudroom is going to be another beautiful transformation! We’re changing things up in here with a stunning taupe off-green paint color for the cabinets! It pairs stunningly with the dark slate tile we have going in here. The paint was so good the clients kept going back and forth on where else we could use it!


The first thing you see when walking into the Pines Residence is the staircase. We love a good staircase moment but this one needed a face lift. The structure will stay the same but all the finishes will be updated!

The finishes are black metal spindles and a wooden railing that will tie in beautifully with the beams. Wooden treads and risers with a custom stair runner going down the middle! Being that it’s the first thing you’re greeted with, the stairs are something that need a little extra attention. We’re excited for the end result!

The photo below shows the new wood wrapped columns, and a temporary black paint that the clients used to update the railing until the new fixtures can get installed. You can also get a little peek of the new flooring!


The last thing I wanted to touch on is the fireplace. The original fireplace consisted of brick and even if the clients were able to make it work., it still didn’t feel quite right. We did a little tweaking, and now the clients have a fireplace that will match their new home and them!

Stay tuned! The project is almost complete, but we won’t have final photos for a few more months since we’re taking some time off this summer. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our Hillside Residence reveal in the coming days!

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