Pines Residence Progress

Our Pines Residence is wrapping up with just a few details left, so we figured we should probably give an update on it! It’s been a project we’ve had in our queue for quite some time. So we’re excited to finally be sharing progress from the construction phase! We have quite a few homes built in the mid-century era scattered throughout Spokane, this being one of them!

Our clients lean into a mid-century touch but enjoy more of a warm transitional interior style. Which is right up our ally! Throughout the material selection phase, we got some amazing materials paired together. The tiles, cabinet finishes, and fixture combos all speak to who our clients are and truly embrace their style!


When tackling the kitchen we went through quite a few floor plan revisions. The “before” kitchen was outdated and felt crowded. It wasn’t functional for our clients and wasn’t a space they wanted to be in. So getting the layout pinned down was very important and our clients finally found one they loved!

When tackling a remodel and keeping a budget in mind, the fact of the matter is you’ll most likely have some design elements that get cut. That’s just because you’re working with an existing space rather than starting from scratch. Which is also why every remodel is unique! You have dreams and wants and depending on the home we are either able to deliver or together we come up with a better solution with the walls we’ve been given!

When it came to selecting finishes for the kitchen there was one finish our clients knew they wanted, Quartzite countertops! I’m sure you’ve already heard about Quartz countertops and maybe even Quartzite but here’s a quick description of both. Quartz is an engineered, man-made product manufactured in a factory by combining elements of quartz, resin, and pigment. Alternatively, quartzite is a natural stone that forms 100% organically deep within the earth that is extracted in blocks by quarrying.

What we love about Quartzite is the movement in the slabs. Every slab is unique so we make sure to plan a slab yard date and go explore all the exact options we’d get. Our clients had the “Taj Mahal” in mind and after comparing it to the other finishes (tile, wood tones, paint colors) it was a perfect addition. They selected a Taj Mahal slab with a honed, leathered finish to it!

Primary Bathroom

The primary bathroom is typically another space in the home we like to splurge on with quality and style. So pulling the Taj Mahal into this space was another easy choice for us and our clients! The wall tile in here is a gorgeous mushroom-taupe color and the flooring is a soft neutral tone. If you want to see more pictures make sure to follow us on Instagram… our followers on that platform usually get the first sneak peeks with all the pictures and videos!

In the primary bath we also went back and forth between two floorplan layouts, the clients decided on a little bit more of an expensive layout because plumbing would move around. But again, if there’s a space to splurge, it’s the primary bath. As the homeowner that’s the space you’ll be spending your mornings, end of days, and maybe even some time in-between.

More Bathrooms!

The next bathroom we’ll go over is the kiddo’s bathroom! For this home it was still a room we wanted to keep fairly neutral but with the scale of the tile we chose and some finishing touches, it still holds a cuteness that you want incorporated in your kid’s bathroom!

There wasn’t much to change with the layout of the bathroom, so all the finishes and fixtures speak for themselves in here! The vanity was a tricky one to reconfigure but the end result with the corner will add to the charm of the room!

The downstairs bathroom won’t be utilized as often as the others but we didn’t want it to feel like an after thought either! And after the design process we’re excited to say, this bathroom truly gets to shine all on it’s own. The pop of dark smaller scaled tile on the shower wall makes a beautiful statement. And the space still gets warmed up with a beautiful white oak vanity!

Powder room

The ground floor powder room is one we want to make sure we mention! Being located right off of the kitchen and being the only bathroom on the main floor, it will be utilized the most out of all the others. And if you’ve been a PDCo follower for some time, you know we love our powder rooms! The most exciting element will be a fun wallpaper the clients fell in love with. It’ll be paired with a floating wood vanity, a dark countertop and brass accents! I’m getting excited just writing about it!


The Laundry/Mudroom is going to be another beautiful transformation! We’re changing things up in here with a stunning taupe off-green paint color for the cabinets! It pairs stunningly with the dark slate tile we have going in here. The paint was so good the clients kept going back and forth on where else we could use it!


The first thing you see when walking into the Pines Residence is the staircase. We love a good staircase moment but this one needed a face lift. The structure will stay the same but all the finishes will be updated!

The finishes are black metal spindles and a wooden railing that will tie in beautifully with the beams. Wooden treads and risers with a custom stair runner going down the middle! Being that it’s the first thing you’re greeted with, the stairs are something that need a little extra attention. We’re excited for the end result!

The photo below shows the new wood wrapped columns, and a temporary black paint that the clients used to update the railing until the new fixtures can get installed. You can also get a little peek of the new flooring!


The last thing I wanted to touch on is the fireplace. The original fireplace consisted of brick and even if the clients were able to make it work., it still didn’t feel quite right. We did a little tweaking, and now the clients have a fireplace that will match their new home and them!

Stay tuned! The project is almost complete, but we won’t have final photos for a few more months since we’re taking some time off this summer. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our Hillside Residence reveal in the coming days!

Hillside Residence: Progress

I usually recommend that everyone starts with the “before” project post, but with the Hillside Residence, it’s a must! Seeing the transformation from the start is like one of those tv remodel show moments where at the end of the episode they’ll show you a side-by-side comparison and it blows you away!


Because our clients were still living in the residence while the entirety of the construction was happening, we tackled this project in stages. Stage one consisted of the Primary Suite, Guest Bathroom, Guest Bedroom, and the paint and flooring in that section of the home.

Like with any renovation we started with demo. After tearing the entirety of the primary suite and guest bathroom down to almost the bones, we got started on the new layout. The biggest changes to this stage of the project were definitely the bathrooms. We weren’t just changing the finishes in these spaces, but we took out and moved walls to create more appealing and functional spaces!

The Primary SuitE

For the Primary Suite, we reconfigured the entry to the bathroom to create a more open layout. We moved the steam shower and soaking tub to one side of the bathroom. This provided more floor space, in addition to taking over an adjacent bedroom, for a beautiful, spacious walk-in closet. We also were able to add a linen closet built-in at the entrance of the bathroom.

The steam shower was an important part of the primary suite. One of the luxurious we added was the fully tiled, custom curved bench. It took some research to find something that was readily available. Once it was installed you can tell that the steam shower would never have been finished without it! This shower is fully equipped with music, chromotherapy, steam, body sprays, and more!

The finishes we paired together are mixtures of grey, white, and black. The darker wood stained cabinets add a lot of depth and warmth to the bathroom and closet. I love seeing some dark wood tones come back into design and paired in new, updated ways!

Guest Bathroom

In the “Before” blog post you can see how this bathroom used to be separated into two rooms. Half had a double vanity and the other with the shower and toilet. Taking out the wall and reducing to a single sink opened up the room. Since the clients didn’t need the bathroom to be as big as it was before, this change allowed them space where it mattered. A gorgeous double-door entry was added to their primary suite instead of the original small hallway. We weren’t going to skimp on the design of the bathroom though! We installed a stunning marble hex floor tile that combines both the grey and brown tones from the vanity. You may also notice that the ceiling in this room was also able to be raised by a few feet!

Second Phase

One of the big changes throughout the home was refinishing the flooring and making it a significant amount lighter. In the main areas of the home, an original knotty cedar ceiling was used. But with all of the changes to the lighting layout, we decided it would be easier to replace the ceiling rather than repairing it. With the new ceiling, we decided to stay away from the rustic knots and mimic the new floor. Those two changes alone modernized and lightened the home immensely! The core of the home isn’t something we wanted to change and there were elements we wanted to preserve. One detail we didn’t touch was the stone fireplace. It is the heart of the home, keeping texture and warmth in this space.

The Kitchen

We reconfigured the kitchen layout by moving some appliances and the island for a better flow. The light creamy perimeter cabinets paired perfectly with the darker stained island. This stain is used in the bathroom and closet in phase one as well. The other element that is the perfect touch in the kitchen and pantry is the backsplash. The uneven edges of the zellige tile and the variation of grey is SO good!!

When doing this phase, we reconfigured the existing pantry and laundry room to make one large pantry. If you want to see a quick tour of the pantry’s coolest feature, check it out over on Instagram. Since the home has laundry in other areas, this one wasn’t needed. We were able to utilize the space for the pantry and add a walk-in cleaning and storage closet. We refreshed the powder room flooring, vanity, and countertop to pull from the rest of the home’s design.

The Hillside project’s main home has now been complete! Check out the final reveal over at this post!

Post Street Residence: Progress Update

The Post Street Residence is just waiting for its final touches and only weeks away from photography! So it’s overdue for us to share the progress of the project and all the transitions it went through over the last few months. If you haven’t seen the “before” photos or need a little reminder, you can find those here. These progress updates are always a great way to see things start to take shape, but even the most recent photos shared will look so different from the final photoshoot!

This project has been such a fun opportunity, and I’ve been so grateful to have clients that not only have incredible taste and so in sync with each other, but also are willing to try some things a little outside of their comfort zone (and reap the benefits of it, too, because ummm it’s looking stunning around here). I’m sad to see this one coming to a close! Time to walk down memory lane!


We started the whole project with a clean up of the walls, skim coating and painting, which took some time. Once we finally were able to get our hands dirty, the walls came down to open up the compartmentalized kitchen to the rest of the living spaces. I knew from the minute the renderings were complete that this project was going to be a winner, but seeing the first wall come down never fails to excite me.

Next was the flooring. Yes, we ripped out hardwood flooring. It was necessary. We also had to tear out several layers of tile, and linoleum, and plywood as these floors were installed one on top of another over time. Don’t worry, we replaced it with something so beautiful, it might be one of my favorite parts of the project. I haven’t decided!

This little entry nook pictured below was an add-on to the project, but I was so excited about it! There was a closet here which was great, but it was actually pretty restrictive in how the storage was used and the congestion it caused in the entry. Tearing out the closet enhanced this little window so much, and the custom built-ins designed to better serve the family’s storage needs is so cute (wait for the photos later in this post!).


Here’s what we chose for the floors though…

Gorgeous white oak! The clients originally planned on a medium stain color, so we tried several samples and REALLY went back and forth on it. It was a tough choice, but ultimately, we settled on a natural finish (my personal favorite, so light and airy!). We did have to add a bit of a custom stain option using white to keep it feeling bright versus turning orange with the sealer.

From this point, things moved fast. It always feels like the first half of the project is demolition. Waiting for plumbing, electrical, walls to get closed back up…it’s time consuming. And then in a matter of weeks, everything starts flowing in and your space is nearly complete. Don’t be fooled though, the final details takes a good chunk of time, too!


Cabinets and counters got installed pretty quickly and I had been waiting for this moment forever! The dark green inset cabinets were absolutely perfect, paired with several white oak details…a custom pantry/refrigerator surround, floating shelves and a bench (some which won’t be revealed until the final photos!).


Cabinet hardware started getting installed right away and I’m kind of impressed with myself here. Have you ever seen inset cabinets paired with a modern finger pull? I haven’t and in one moment, I panicked and questioned if this was a good idea. It was SUCH a good idea. I absolutely love this combination that pairs the charm of inset cabinets with a modern, sleek, brass finger pull. You saw it here first, OKAY!? (And if not, just roll with it).

And a little sneak peek at the quartz counters but it doesn’t even begin to reveal the beauty hidden under the protective covers. Scroll on down to see it!

Is that quartz beautiful or what? This gorgeous selection has a crisp white color to it, but the veining has grey and even a little brown on the edge. It makes it versatile for so many palettes! The plaster hood was a fun new thing for me to try, and I absolutely love how it turned out. I see more of these in my future!


Below are two spaces I haven’t shown much of, but are turning out so great! The first photo is at the end of one side of the kitchen and next to the back door. It will have a floating white oak bench, which will be great for removing shoes when entering from the back door! The next is the new tile hearth, which looks so stunning next to the white oak floors. I love this detail!


Last but not least, coming back to the entry nook…

This piece will always hold a special place in my heart. I love custom built-ins. I love designing them! This little space got a huge facelift and once it’s done, it’s going to be such a highlight of the home! This is the result of designer + contractor team talent. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but I cherish my contractor for building the most beautiful things. Whatever I come up with, he makes it work. Incredible craftsmanship.

Just a few weeks left and I’ll be sharing the final reveal of this home! Let me know what you are most excited to see, and if there’s anything you are dying to know about this project!

If you have a Spring or Summer project on your mind, be sure to contact me here! It’s time to start planning your design and booking with a contractor to meet that timeline! You can contact me or book online here.

SoulBarre Studio: Process Recap

We are so excited to share the behind the scenes of our very first commercial job! It was so fast-moving, we hardly had time to share on social media or get this blog post out before it was done! Working with Lori, owner of SoulBarre Studio in Spokane, Washington, we served as a design consultant to bring her vision to life. She had been dreaming of her own studio space for several years! She also had some creative ideas that were fairly well developed. But as renovations go, there are often times of overwhelm and all of those ideas can quickly become muddled. We loved helping with some of the fixture and finish selections and designing a focal area in the entry to welcome people. We can’t wait to share the final reveal, but as always, we’ll start at the beginning.


With her husband in the construction industry, Lori got to work on the site before we had a chance to say hello! Haha! At our first visit, the original office space had already been demo’d, walls were pulled down and flooring ripped out. It was a large open space now and we were ready to move on making some finish decisions!

The entry had a perfect layout with some natural division to the space. The photos below show the entry door from the stairwell. The walls would be used for signage, a sign-in/brochure station, and a retail area for some merchandise.


This is also part of the main entry area, which you can see through the glass as you are coming up the stairs. I knew this was a great spot for a focal point and to welcome people as they approach the studio. The photo below on the left is the view to the entry area from the main studio space.


All of the subfloor needed to be prepped and smoothed for the new floors, so in the meantime, some fresh paint on the walls and ceiling were needed to brighten and freshen up the whole space. This alone made such a big difference! I tried to keep the photos in the same pairs as above so you can see how much it changed. Some of the photos seem a little hazy because we stopped by right after everything was freshly sprayed.

Sooo much cleaner, right!? Well, I only have one more set of progress photos for this project, because after flooring went in, it was all just the smaller details (lights, furniture pieces, focal wall) and we don’t want to ruin the surprise!


For the flooring, we did a vinyl plank in a warm, neutral wood tone. We felt it would be important to find the right color to balance the white and black geometric motifs that would be used in the main studio area. It’s not as quite as dark as the pictures below show, but these were taken later in the day when less natural light was coming through.

How quickly this space got flipped upside down with just a few changes! We’ll be walking you through the rest in our final reveal post!

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to contact me or book an appointment! I’d love to chat and see how I can help!

Mill Road Residence: Progress Update

Life of a business owner running the whole show…I have a confession. Most of you know that this project has been “in progress” since end of Spring/early Summer. So, it would only make sense if this progress update blog post took place sometime during those months. But, that’s not how it goes around here. This blog is fresh and new and often less prioritized than other things on my to-dos, such as actually taking care of my clients! Well I’m excited that this home is now complete and the clients are on their way to unpacking and moving in. So while that’s being taken care of, I’ve been working on updating the blog posts for their renovation journey. Don’t forget to check the “before” images of the project, and final photos can be found here.


So we are going to start with they foyer, because I love that the photo below has a progress shot taken from the same location as the before photo. Pulling out those dark cabinets and stair spindles and removing the light fixture helped so much. But the biggest improvement here was opening up the dining room wall on the left as much as possible to help bring some room and light to this area. It also now has more of a connection to the kitchen, which was really important for giving it some good use.


The original handrail was painted white to match the trim throughout the home. New square metal spindles were added and drilled directly into the stair treads to eliminate the need for the metal shoes, which are essentially great for collecting dust. It took some convincing of the contractor to work out this detail, but he was incredible for dealing with all my ideas and particulars.


So I’ll jump right into the kitchen area since I just gave you a sneak peek of what that looks like from the foyer (and living room…oops)! Off the kitchen is a sitting room with lots of natural light, which would get much brighter with the new floors and a fresh coat of paint.

The wing wall next to the refrigerator was removed as well…sometimes those very small things can make a world of difference in opening up a space. We also felt it was necessary to move the fridge to the other side of the kitchen, next to the large sitting room windows. It feels better when appliances aren’t lined up right after another, allowing more counter space (on the sides of the range, for example) and more distinguished focal points. The kitchen also felt blocked in because of the change of flooring. Almost 100% of the time I recommend that if you have an open space, you need to treat it as an open space. There shouldn’t be changes in color of flooring or paint if you want the space to feel consistent and open and BIGGER.


Cabinets are finally installed with quartz counters, as well as beautiful white oak flooring. See anything different about the ceiling? We filled in that awkward cove and changed the recessed can layout. Later, pendants will be added over the island. You may also notice the difference in the hallway, which started as a corridor of doors. We reframed the closets so we could do a large pantry closet (see the arched door?).Further down the hall is a small coat closet, which is now a convenient location for both the mudroom and front door. This floor plan really couldn’t be changed in a cost-effective way no matter how we looked at it, so it was in these small adjustments that we found huge improvements in functionality.


Ready for the pantry? I sure was! I practically jumped up and down when this thing was installed. This is a beautiful custom door that I dreamed of in this home since the beginning stages of design. The way it softens the entire kitchen makes such an impact. It really was an essential piece to the home. The cost of it nearly cut it from the project when we were analyzing expenses. But ultimately, we were all so excited about this piece that it just had to happen.

At the end of the project, the client and I were standing in the kitchen talking, and she asked me, “Do you know what my favorite part of the whole home is?” I shrugged and was like, “the floors?” After a few missed guesses, I was stumped. She said, “it’s right behind you,” nodding in the direction of the pantry. This made my heart flutter! OF COURSE! The doors are so stunning, and she told me how worth it they were. In the scope of the entire project, the cost really wasn’t something to blink about. I have to say, they totally change the feeling of the kitchen, and especially the hallway. You can also see in the image below why it was so important to remove that wing wall on the side of the cabinets. It allowed the pantry to be easily accessed and seen from the kitchen.


Here’s a few last photos of the details around the kitchen…

New window over the sink as well as some close-ups of the beautiful quartz counters, blue cement tile backsplash and the custom island color to match it, brass light fixtures to bring warmth to the design, and polished chrome plumbing fixtures for the perfect mix of metals.


Okay, let’s walk back over to the formal living room, which is off the foyer and front stairway. Remember this lovely fireplace? The room also had a tray ceiling that made the space feel dark and closed in. The same detail was found in the dining room. We removed this detail from both spaces. Normally I’m all about leaving the architectural details, but in this case, it didn’t make sense. We had cooler plans, anyway.

I LOVE doing custom pieces for clients. And this house and client gave me several opportunities to do just that (like the pantry!). She wanted this front room to be a cozy library-esque space for her collections of books, art, and photo albums. She also loved color and pattern in the home since the rest of the space would be white, bright, and neutral. So here’s what I did…

I literally despise fireplaces that are flush with the wall. Like, it just feels so plain and weird to me. (Exception: modern houses…sometimes). Bookcases were needed in this room, so it was a great excuse to bump out the fireplace flush with the new built-ins. We also decided to use the same color as the kitchen island on these built-ins to get that deep blue color in another location. I love how it enhances the fireplace tile surround.


For a few final details of the main floor before we move on to the basement, I’ll show you the laundry room floor. It has thin brick pavers laid in a herringbone pattern! The powder room was inspired by a Pinterest photo the client found. She did some great work sourcing the wallpaper. I love it! We were also able to track down a console sink for the tiny space we had to work within. It’s turning out to be a really gorgeous space that brings such an exciting feel for a little powder room.


Last, the basement, which was a huge area to be finished out! It’s always fun to watch a creepy dungeon take shape into something more finished and bright. I loved the new stained concrete floors, it really brought some warmth to the space! This basement will be used as a family room and music room. On the other side (behind where I was standing) is a bedroom. A bathroom was also added and there was STILL room for a huge storage space.

No more progress shots to spoil the surprises! These clients have an incredible collection of rugs, art, and antiques that are changing the look of their new home! Check out the final reveal here!

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to contact me or book an appointment! I’d love to chat and see how I can help!

Rockwood Blvd. Residence: Progress Update

Well, if you haven’t already, go back and look at the “before” photos of this project! Without seeing that dividing wall in the middle of the space, you may not have the same appreciation for this. Hah! All I ever wanted was that kitchen wall gone, so when it finally came down, it felt like a pretty big moment. The impact of having this large open space was incredible. A huge visual weight was removed and the rest of the pieces would fall right into place. Here’s the progress shots so you can get a little glimpse of the blood, sweat, tears, (and money) that go into each home.


Ok, feel free to take that big deep breath now. We can all breathe a bit easier now with that wall gone. Truth is, after cabinets arrived, things started moving pretty quickly. Cabinets came in and were set in place, counters arrived the next week, tile came right after that. It felt like we were waiting for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together. Once they arrived, things came together so fast!

It was hard to see in the “before” photos, but there was a pantry cabinet built into the wall. I’m so glad we filled it in! It would have stood out and been a big distraction in the new space.


My favorite part was when the black plumbing and light fixtures were installed. It gave it the contrast this light and airy space needed! You’ll have to wait for the final reveal to see those, though! 🙂 The staircase is another favorite. A metal and cable system was perfect for bringing in the black accents and incorporating similar finishes from the exterior of the home.


The fireplace is a really cool focal point! For fun, I posted a poll on our Instagram a to see what people thought of a few tile layout options. Most people voted for a standard, horizontal layout. I gave the client the same options, and we decided y’all were boring. We were going to go for something out of the box…

Do you trust me yet? We love it! So I’ll wrap up the progress update with a few shots of the bathroom.

I can’t wait to show you the final reveal! I had such a fun time staging this home for resale, along with joining a wonderful open house to show it off. Final photography is coming soon, as well as another special surprise…stay tuned! If you want to be the first to know, join our email list (at the VERY bottom of the page) or follow us on Instagram!

Burroughs Road Remodel: Progress Update

I have a few phases of construction that are my total favorite…besides, of course, the final reveal. One of my favorites is when the demolition is complete and you see the home in it’s raw, empty space. It’s like a fresh slate and you can really start to visualize the plans you created, because the old stuff is gone. But my other favorite phase is when new cabinets start getting set in a kitchen design. The entire kitchen will just change before your eyes. Here’s an example from the progression at Burroughs Road…


You may have noticed that we moved the refrigerator from the right side of the kitchen to the left (go back and look at the “before” pictures!). This was a simple switch but made so much sense. Because the original cabinets on the right side of the kitchen were only 12″ deep, it caused the refrigerator to stick out and block the view of the whole kitchen. Switching it up opened the space substantially! The rest of the kitchen kept with the same layout as the original kitchen, but we did expand the island. At one point we considered opening the wall between the kitchen and dining room. However, it would cause us to lose storage and create some dead zones of the home. And believe it or not, there is a balance of open and TOO open.

the fireplace transformation

Take a look at how we built out the fireplace to enhance the ceiling height and frame the room. If you don’t remember what it originally looked like, go check out the “before” pictures of the whole home. It’s not done yet, though! Wine racks for storage were an important piece on the client’s wish list. We tucked them in along with some beautiful wood floating shelves and a rustic wood mantel. Stay tuned for the final reveal on those…


In the photo above, you can get a small glimpse of the flooring installed. We went with a laminate floor in a dark chocolate brown. It was some of the most realistic laminate I’ve seen! It had great rustic patches that will help hide dirt while also adding character to the clean white space. One of my favorite tricks is doing a darker floor with lighter walls because it makes a space feel bigger! Here’s another picture of the flooring…


Let’s get back to the kitchen! Quartz countertops (shown installed above) are pretty much my favorite, but I usually stick to simple patterns and colors. This client wanted to shake things up a bit though by finding something with more pattern and color variation. We found something with a creamy undertone that had patches and speckles of brown and white. It definitely helped us reach that traditional aesthetic that the clients also liked!

Can you guess the backsplash we selected? Head on over to the final reveal to see if you’re right!

Golden Road Residence: Progress Update

There are so many areas of this home to cover! Many are still a work in progress. So I decided to share the other spaces that are moving right along. These include the laundry room, office, and man cave.


The laundry room was a fun farmhouse space that needed to provide serious storage and functionality into a small space. With some creative space planning and custom cabinetry, we were able to fit in all the amenities the clients wanted. This included two dog kennels (in each corner), a dog-washing station, a built-in desk, and cleaning supply closet.


The home office was primarily for the husband, who wanted that rustic cozy style carried into the space. We looked at unique finishes for the cabinets and even cooler pieces such as a desk top made of bullet-proof glass. Ah, the progress pictures are just so dark, unfortunately! Since this space is not included in the final project reveal (lighting was nearly impossible), I will share a few images of it here!


This next part of the project, the “man cave,” is one that is so unique and I was thrilled to do the designs. The client had an opportunity of several small unused storage spaces in their home that we reworked to make one large man cave/hidden gun room. The drywall is up and locking safe doors are installed, including a unique ship-door which leads to a fire-safe space under the stairs. It will provide storage for important documents and family memory keepsakes. We continued to utilize Dare Designs for fabrication of the pieces in this space. This included custom cabinets, gun racks, and a metal focal wall.


And finally! As the interior wraps up, the outdoor spaces begin claiming our focus. Summer is around the corner, so the outdoor kitchen and sitting area have started construction. The kitchen will include a sink, grill, under counter refrigerator, and bar seating. The sitting area will have a large fireplace and TV, perfect for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Large stone work matching the interior spaces will bring some cohesiveness to the interior and exterior spaces, which is always important!

I came by what seemed like a few days later and look how cute and inviting this outdoor oasis has become! This is a family who loves to entertain and will open their entire backyard up for play and gatherings. What an awesome design for them to really be able to utilize the space they have and offer their guests the best!

Check out the final reveal of the entire home right here…Golden Road Residence: Project Reveal!

Golden Road Residence: Finishes

Today I’m sharing a progress update for the Golden Road Residence because finishes are almost all in! The kitchen cabinets are installed and it has become a domino effect of progress for the space. The house has made leaps and bounds within the month! Unfortunately, the current lighting situation doesn’t do this space justice, but pictures were needed regardless!


Let’s start with the beautiful wood floors! First, reclaimed barn wood flooring was installed to replace the original hardwood in the home. It provided the client with the rustic look they had dreamed of. She mentioned seeing bird poop and other “authentic things” on the planks before they were sanded down. The flooring was sanded, holes filled, and had multiple coats of stain to darken it.


Next, the new stair railing was installed! It was a custom design using reclaimed railroad ties and thick rebar. This was all built and designed by a talented woodworking and metal duo called Dare Designs. Behind the staircase, we decided to add a focal wall of blue pine (“beetlekill”) that would match the kitchen. However, we had to get a little creative because the clients had measurements of their kids on the edge of the wall. So that was incredibly important to preserve! In the end, the clients decided on a curved edge as well as a custom metal railing to look like a tree! The pictures don’t show it with the “trunk” just yet. I loved working with someone with such unique and artistic taste! And shout out to the fabricators that did anything we dreamed of!


Okay…let’s talk about these kitchen cabinets. Custom to the MAX! The armoire-like piece shown below is a custom pantry cabinet design. This piece is huge and every bit of it is amazing. The island has end drawers with glass fronts. Inside the drawers, a panel sits a few inches back, creating a display nook. The finish of the cabinets was custom as well, selected with a specific wood species, distressing and worm holes, custom color, and glaze finish. This was an incredible process to watch, from the samples we received to the end result!


From this point, we ended up changing a few things. The wood shelf below the apron sink was too “polished” for the space, so it was switched out with a more rustic piece. In addition, the island butcher block was also custom, but ended up too dark for such a large piece. It was changed for a lighter one with more grain showing. It blows me away how much wood and texture is in the space, but yet it all works together. Overall, the space definitely has that rustic charm, but not too busy. A few things that helped with this was using a very simple dark gray quartz counters from Caesarstone and a dark tile backsplash. The balance of light and dark as well as textured and non-textured finish selections is hard to strike, but I think it was done well in this kitchen after all!


Finally, the build-out for the range was framed out, stone was placed, and the custom metal backsplash was finished. On the inside of each stone column, we had room to do metal built-in shelves (difficult to see in the photo, but so cool)! Last, the custom light design came to fruition! This has been our most requested piece on other projects when clients have fallen in love with this light and want something similar in their home.

There are a few other spaces in the home coming together as well, including the office, laundry room, man cave, and outdoor kitchen. Jump over to this post to see what the rest of this beautiful home looks like…Golden Road Residence: Progress Update.