Golden Road Residence: Finishes

Today I’m sharing a progress update for the Golden Road Residence because finishes are almost all in! The kitchen cabinets are installed and it has become a domino effect of progress for the space. The house has made leaps and bounds within the month! Unfortunately, the current lighting situation doesn’t do this space justice, but pictures were needed regardless!


Let’s start with the beautiful wood floors! First, reclaimed barn wood flooring was installed to replace the original hardwood in the home. It provided the client with the rustic look they had dreamed of. She mentioned seeing bird poop and other “authentic things” on the planks before they were sanded down. The flooring was sanded, holes filled, and had multiple coats of stain to darken it.


Next, the new stair railing was installed! It was a custom design using reclaimed railroad ties and thick rebar. This was all built and designed by a talented woodworking and metal duo called Dare Designs. Behind the staircase, we decided to add a focal wall of blue pine (“beetlekill”) that would match the kitchen. However, we had to get a little creative because the clients had measurements of their kids on the edge of the wall. So that was incredibly important to preserve! In the end, the clients decided on a curved edge as well as a custom metal railing to look like a tree! The pictures don’t show it with the “trunk” just yet. I loved working with someone with such unique and artistic taste! And shout out to the fabricators that did anything we dreamed of!


Okay…let’s talk about these kitchen cabinets. Custom to the MAX! The armoire-like piece shown below is a custom pantry cabinet design. This piece is huge and every bit of it is amazing. The island has end drawers with glass fronts. Inside the drawers, a panel sits a few inches back, creating a display nook. The finish of the cabinets was custom as well, selected with a specific wood species, distressing and worm holes, custom color, and glaze finish. This was an incredible process to watch, from the samples we received to the end result!


From this point, we ended up changing a few things. The wood shelf below the apron sink was too “polished” for the space, so it was switched out with a more rustic piece. In addition, the island butcher block was also custom, but ended up too dark for such a large piece. It was changed for a lighter one with more grain showing. It blows me away how much wood and texture is in the space, but yet it all works together. Overall, the space definitely has that rustic charm, but not too busy. A few things that helped with this was using a very simple dark gray quartz counters from Caesarstone and a dark tile backsplash. The balance of light and dark as well as textured and non-textured finish selections is hard to strike, but I think it was done well in this kitchen after all!


Finally, the build-out for the range was framed out, stone was placed, and the custom metal backsplash was finished. On the inside of each stone column, we had room to do metal built-in shelves (difficult to see in the photo, but so cool)! Last, the custom light design came to fruition! This has been our most requested piece on other projects when clients have fallen in love with this light and want something similar in their home.

There are a few other spaces in the home coming together as well, including the office, laundry room, man cave, and outdoor kitchen. Jump over to this post to see what the rest of this beautiful home looks like…Golden Road Residence: Progress Update.