Golden Road Residence: Progress Update

There are so many areas of this home to cover! Many are still a work in progress. So I decided to share the other spaces that are moving right along. These include the laundry room, office, and man cave.


The laundry room was a fun farmhouse space that needed to provide serious storage and functionality into a small space. With some creative space planning and custom cabinetry, we were able to fit in all the amenities the clients wanted. This included two dog kennels (in each corner), a dog-washing station, a built-in desk, and cleaning supply closet.


The home office was primarily for the husband, who wanted that rustic cozy style carried into the space. We looked at unique finishes for the cabinets and even cooler pieces such as a desk top made of bullet-proof glass. Ah, the progress pictures are just so dark, unfortunately! Since this space is not included in the final project reveal (lighting was nearly impossible), I will share a few images of it here!


This next part of the project, the “man cave,” is one that is so unique and I was thrilled to do the designs. The client had an opportunity of several small unused storage spaces in their home that we reworked to make one large man cave/hidden gun room. The drywall is up and locking safe doors are installed, including a unique ship-door which leads to a fire-safe space under the stairs. It will provide storage for important documents and family memory keepsakes. We continued to utilize Dare Designs for fabrication of the pieces in this space. This included custom cabinets, gun racks, and a metal focal wall.


And finally! As the interior wraps up, the outdoor spaces begin claiming our focus. Summer is around the corner, so the outdoor kitchen and sitting area have started construction. The kitchen will include a sink, grill, under counter refrigerator, and bar seating. The sitting area will have a large fireplace and TV, perfect for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Large stone work matching the interior spaces will bring some cohesiveness to the interior and exterior spaces, which is always important!

I came by what seemed like a few days later and look how cute and inviting this outdoor oasis has become! This is a family who loves to entertain and will open their entire backyard up for play and gatherings. What an awesome design for them to really be able to utilize the space they have and offer their guests the best!

Check out the final reveal of the entire home right here…Golden Road Residence: Project Reveal!