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A young family chooses to fall in love with their house even more by making it into their forever home. Renovations on the main floor took place to update fixtures and finishes more aligned with their youthful style. A total overhaul of the kitchen including opening it up to the rest of the space allowed the natural light and bold color palette to flood the home, bringing a fresh and fun feeling to the whole home.



A contemporary home in the Rockwood Boulevard neighborhood sits on stilts as tall as the trees. Natural light and wood elements flowed throughout the original home, so the goals for the renovation were to enhance these architectural concepts. The original kitchen walls were removed and the kitchen was enlarged to create a spacious gathering area. Modern and natural fixtures, finishes, and furnishings were selected to bring a warm yet luxurious aesthetic.

Rockwood Blvd-114.1


While working as the sole Interior Designer at Design Platform, I assisted with the renovation  of a home for a Denver artist. The project included a full remodel of the existing home and two additions. The master suite addition provided the home with main floor living, which offered the clients a home they could retire in. The artist’s glass art was incorporated throughout the space, as well as her love for collections from her travels.



A couple finds themselves moving into a new home with a dark, dated interior. An overhaul of the entire 3,700 square foot residence brought continuity while providing the clients with opportunity to infuse their style throughout. Minor adjustments to the floor plan allowed the space to feel more open and the natural light to shine through. This traditional yet colorful design is now their place to call home and a beautiful backdrop for their inherited art and antiques.



After their children moved out, a couple was ready to reclaim their home and turn it into a cozy, rustic space, while still keeping a functional and fun place for hosting gatherings with friends and family. A full renovation of this residence included a new kitchen design, updated bathrooms and laundry room, master suite and office, a hidden fire-proof gun room, and an outdoor kitchen and living area. The clients loved using reclaimed materials and turning them into custom pieces for a rustic and unique look.



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